Take 2 transfer


DIS Veteran
Nov 29, 2013

I just stumbled across references to the Take 2 Transfer for universal studios / Disney split stays. Has anyone used it recently? Does it still exist? Did you have to book a package directly with Universal to add it on?

It sounds perfect to get me from the airport to Cabana Bay then over to Disney a few days later. Last time I did a split stay I went in the other direction and took a taxi from Disney to universal (not cheap) and then a shared supershuttle or similar to the airport. I was expecting to use a similar combination as this or maybe try Uber from universal to Disney but if I can buy a take 2 transfer that would be much better.

Also, I’m in Australia so I’m trying to avoid an international phone call, it’s not the cost (I have them included in my phone plan), just the very inconvenient time difference. I don’t want to call if it’s not even an option.
Never heard of it, but the little bit of information I could find seems like you can only book as part of a package, either directly with Universal or through a Travel Agent.
Hmm not much response which means I assume no one has heard of it. Guess I’ll have to call them.


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