T.S Fay Update - 5:00 Tuesday

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    Per the National Hurricane Center, Port Canaveral is currently receiving Tropical Storm force winds. Current forecast is for Fay to move off the coast of Florida in the form of a Tropical Storm around midday on Wednesday, forming into a hurricane, and coming back ashore in the Jacksonville area on Thursday. The current NHC track is for Fay to pass directly over the Cocoa Beach/Port Canaveral area on its way out to sea.

    What does this mean for Thursday's Wonder sailing? We don't know yet. But I would guess that even if the Wonder attempts to dock at PC on Thursday, it would have to contend with high surf and strong winds. All those traveling should keep in contact with DCL, and be prepared for any change in ports. Remember that DCL will almost definitely be handling transportation from PC if so.

    Please, please, please keep your eye on local television stations and heed their warnings and travel advisories. Strong, gusty winds and tornadoes can arrive with virtually no warning in these storms.

    Special thanks to Shirley for offering to help anyone in trouble. Be careful over there.
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    I hope everyone is safe!! :goodvibes

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