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Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by twinmum, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. twinmum

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    Jul 24, 2006
    Hello! I am hoping the posters here are (at least) as friendly and helpful as the DISers on the WDW threads...I'm sure you are!

    I need your advice. In Nov 07, we took our twin boys (then age 8) for a great trip to WDW. We live in Toronto, so it seemed like the "right" Disney route - shorter flight etc. One of our sons is physically disabled, and we were so impressed by the accessibility and accommodations made to help us have a wonderful time...except...we had booked a larger size room (not a suite, but a larger room) on the concierge level at the Grand Floridian. Yes, we were "doing it up", thanks to my mother, who gave us the trip as a gift. WDW reservations and the concierge CM's were trying so hard to give us a great view, they messed up and accidently downgraded us to a standard room - and thus eliminated my son's independent mobility. He uses a walker and a standard room just doesn't have the room to manouver.

    OK, so here's the thing. To get a deluxe concierge room at WDW and give our son the trip we THOUGHT we were getting (independence is a BIG thing for him and we had to lift/transfer him everywhere in that room), we'd have to book years in advance, it seems!

    SO...I had this thought...what about DL? I did some researched and I am totally amazed at how wonderful it all sounds!!! So many of our sons' favourites are there anyway! I'm excited about the possibilities!!!

    BUT...here are my questions:

    Grand Californian rooms: are there any larger rooms (other than suites)? I'll check out the prices of suites by calling, I guess.

    GC concierge: Is it worth it? Do you feel pampered by the experience? It sounds great!

    Accessibility: Can anyone direct me to more info about DL accessibility, and accessibility at the CG?

    Universal: has anyone taken the Disney-arranged transportation and gone to Universal while staying at the GC?

    Ground transport: is this similar to the WDW "Magical Express" or what is it like?

    Timing: Is December 9-16 a good time to go?

    I'd appreciate any advice to convince me that this is the route to go!


  2. farmfresh

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    Jun 6, 2007
    Can't help you with too much, other than to say that if you are staying at the GC you won't need any gorund transportation to get to the park. It's fiveminutes or less to Dl from there, and of course there is a direct entrance into DCA.there.
  3. Barbday62

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    Apr 13, 2004
    I can help with accessibility in parks. Disneyland was built pre ADA laws so many of the attractions you enter through exits. This includes most of Fantasyland which I suspect you will use a lot :-) The good news is we always get on the rides pretty much right away. The bad news is the area is so small and tight making getting through with a wheelchair later in the day near impossible. (The walker I am assuming is similar width as a wheelchair) I suggest getting Fantasyland done early to make it easier for his independence.

    The big rides like Big Thunder, SPace, splash, Pirates,Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise and many others are all enter through the exit. In Indy speedway cars you go in regular line but about 3/4 way through where fast pass enters you break off and use an elevator to the bottom level, small world has an exit entrance, One ride with no alternative entance is ROger rabit spin in toon town. But its a fast pass ride. Hanunted mansion is enter through the old fast pass route sort of. They will ask if you can walk out then they have you go in the next group thus you mis th outside queing only. The only problem is if you say yes you dont know what your infor at the end of the ride. My husband uses a wheel chair part time and can walk no problem short distance. But the last time he said yes he can walk was the last time we agreed to do that. The ride exits on a flat belt like you get on but then you get on a moving belt that is steep uphill at the end to exit. He had a hard time with that steep belt. We now always exit the way we came in (We ride the elevator backwards) and he brings his wheelchair into the building with us.

    We have diven through the Grand Californian to eat and site see. He can get through the hallways just fine with his wheelchair. The hotel is newer so Im sure has met all the current ADA requirements. I have never stayed there so cant help with rooms.

    we are going December 13 to 16 so I too am hoping a good time to go.

    Oh California Adventure park is mostly handicap accessible too. We wait in most lines like normal there. Even redwood creek we was able to bring his wheel chair down into (They dont allow strollers but did allow wheel chair). He could not do the rope ladders of course but he was in part of the fun there too.
  4. tinkermell

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    Aug 11, 2005
    Hi and welcome the DL DIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :welcome: party: :jumping1: :disrocks:
    I'm sorry but I can't help you too much.
    These are the things I do know.

    I think your dates are perfect. The crowds won't be overwhelming, and you will still be able to see the holiday parades, fireworks, and snow. Unlike WDW, you don't need a special ticket to see all of the that stuff. I'm not sure about this for mid-week, but I know for sure it will happen Fri, Sat and Sunday. We are going to be there that same weekend. :yay:

    We stayed at the GC last year in December and it was wonderful. The lobby has a huge Christmas tree and Santa shows up for the kids. :santa: My personal favorite were the carolers who sang accapella in the lounge also. They were so good, and dressed in the mid century costumes. :love: There is also a beautiful hearth, where they tell stories too.

    I thought our room was wonderful. The two sink and vanity area are big, with a separate tub and toilet room. I think the biggest plus of this hotel is location, location, location. You can walk right out of hotel into the DCA park, or DTD, with only a short walk to DL. I think this would be a wonderful plus for your son. I'm sorry I don't have much info on the concierge level. I'm sure it's "grand.":goodvibes :laughing:

    Now compared to the MK, DL is more compact. So the walking distance is shorter, so that might help. I also think between the two parks, DL does a better job of Christmas decorating. :cloud9:
    DLR does not do the Magical Express. :sad2: But there are shuttles to DLR. Others know alot more about that than me. We always drive in.

    I forgot to mention that the HM and SW are completely done over for the holidays. The overlays are really cool and not to be missed.

    I know you wil have a very magical time!!!! pixiedust:
  5. bumbershoot

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    Mar 5, 2007
    The only thing I can answer is the transportation part.

    There is Disneyland Express, but it is NOT like the WDW system. It's run by Gray Lines, you pay for it, you get your own luggage. http://graylineanaheim.com/airport_info.cfm

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