SWA fares past 6/7 are finally out!


Jan 29, 2001
but what lousy rates! Hopefully they will go down or have some specials in the near future! :eek:
I agree. I've been waiting too, but no deals to be found here. I'm holding out for the specials. Hopefully, soon. Last year I booked in March for Aug. at $154 roundtrip nonstop. I kept watching their website and my fares dropped twice and each time they credited my credit card and gave me the lower fare. Finally price was $93 !!! I'll keeping checking back.
My flight from BWI into MCO on every other airline in June was well over $950 (for five of us) so I snatched up these tickets for $735! Yippee! Now are you saying that SWA will credit my credit card if the price goes down? That would be really cool!

I just booked my flights for July using Rapid Rewards. It was so easy, what a pleasure. Goodbye Delta!!!
disney4, CC refund only if you sprang for the refundable anytime tickets, If the price goes down SWA will rebook you at the lower fare and credit you with ticketless travel funds for the difference which you can use on a future flight. :)
PB. if you rebook at the lower fare, and call them with the new ressie #, the will credit your cc with the prior amt.
Pb, Gail is right. I booked on a promo fare for $207.00. They had another sale and I rebooked at $142.00 and there is a credit on my charge card. I don't think they used to do this.
Really, I guess it must depend on what type of fare you start with, we've always received travel credit, which we use. But if it happens again, that's good to know, Thanks!:)
pbhunt, I just posted this on another thread but I will do it here to. I just checked SW website. The first ticket I bought was a promotional fare tues/wed/sat ticket. It is listed as non refundable. It also states that any credits will be given as a credit towards future travel. They may have just changed this. I had four tickets, my sister had two and my dad had one. We all booked on the nonrefundable promo rate and we all just received credits on our charge cards for the difference of the cheaper tickets. Hopefully this will be how they do it from now on. That would be great.


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