Strollers to rent at IOA


Feb 13, 2001
For anyone taking a small one to IOA, are the strollers pretty comfy or would you suggest bringing our own? My 2 yo will still fall asleep anywhere, anytime he is tired, but some of the strollers at disney were designed for sitting up only. This might not seem like a big deal, but could make a world of difference to us. Also, does anyone know how much they charge, and if you can bring them back and forth to HRH?
thanks, leaving in 13 days and getting excited!



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Jul 14, 2000
The strollers do not recline at all which may be a problem. We always rent a double so we have our girls alternate walking and riding so each can get a nap, but with a single it may be a problem. I think the singles are $7 and the doubles are $12. You can take the strollers park to park and I've even seen some in the parking lot but I'm not sure about taking them to HRH. I'm sure some guests do it, but I'm not sure if it's "allowed". Have fun on your trip!


Feb 10, 2001

I saw many folks taking both the single and double strollers back to HRH and leaving them sitting outside the exit doors at the ends of both wings though predominantly the ones near the boat ride side.

Seeing this we asked and found out it is okay to do for strollers though with electric carts, for those with difficulty, they won't openly let you do it and will escort you from park to park. Odd thing is I think people were just driving them out of the park anyway back to the HRH because I saw a couple over there.

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loved it so much we might go back
Mar 9, 2001
I agree the strollers are not comfy because they are hard sided. My little guy slept but not as well as in his normal stroller. They are a good option for bad weather as they are not material and can be wiped dry if necessary. From experience, the regular stollers with fabric can be hard to dry.

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