Strollers - If you need one but dont want to have to take yours, A little bit of info


Jan 19, 2001
I love my big stroller here at the house, but with the luggage in my car and all it would not fit. I found a great website and rented one just like mine. The website is
They even deliver to your motel room and then pick it up for you. Please dont think this is an for them.. I just happened upon them and thought that the info might be helpful. I asked them what would happen if it got stollen and she said all you have to do is report it to WDW and then call them. That I would not be responsible. Just thought this would help.
Did you say you already rented one. I was wondering what kind of condition they are in. Thanks. Michelle
if they're in nice condition and they have the ones with the built in cup holders then this is a pretty decent deal! thanks!

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I am going to be renting one,,, when I get back I will post another post to let you know what condition they are in and everything.. I will volunteer to be the guinny pig.. The lady I talked to said they had been in business since 1984, so I would think they are pretty well known and a good company. I called Vistana Resorts to see if they knew of them and they said yes, that alot of the people who stay there rent from them. So I will let you know when I get back.


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