Staying from Sat to following Sun, is adding Friday night worth the points?


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Apr 7, 2001
DH and I are planning our first DVC stay and would love to do both Vero + VWL in the Sat thru following Sat ( 8 nights)we have. We were planning to go to Vero to relax first for 2-3 nights before doing the parks later in the week. I am considering spending some saved Starwood points for a night at S/D so we can fly in on Friday so we don't spend those precious points, but have a whole day on Saturday. Does this sound like too much moving around to be sane? Is taking a late flight on Friday after work rather than first thing on Saturday just make everyone more tired and cranky?Thanks for your thoughts! :smooth:
I've always felt the sooner I'm in Florida, the better!

If we get a really late flight out, we'll stay the first night off-site. I know a lot of folks check out on the weekends to save points, but it's just too much trouble for me in the middle of a vacation, but the first night isn't so bad.
I agree with Chuck. We've been taking the last flight out and arriving in Orlando about midnight. Just stay off site for that first night and whenever we wake up and get around, we drive to BWV and check in. The room usually is not ready but we get our parking permit and leave the luggage and then take off to a park. It still feels like we have more time there than taking the first flight of the morning out of here. Plus, we aren't as pooped as we would be if we left on the 5:30 a.m. flight! I do not move to avoid weekend points but certainly don't mind "crashing" that first night off site!
We usually stay for 7-12 nights, so we have Friday and Saturday stays in there. We have done the above before, but usually take the first morning flight out and arrive around noon. We do our pre-check in and leave our car and go to the parks. We usually go to the grocery store early in the evening and return to OKW about the time we want supper. Then we go back to Epcot for Illuminations. It is a tradition for us to do that. When we purchased, we assumed Friday and Saturday stays since we assumed a week at a time. We are now staying more than a week, so might reconsider our plans in the future.
If you have the points I say stay at DVC. In the past I have made reservations off site for a Friday night arrival but have always broken down at the end and switched to DVC. A vacation is a vacation, to the DW and I it's not worth the hassel of having to drag suitcases from one place to another, wait until 4PM to get our room (that whole hassel) etc. we have all day Saturday to enjoy the mouse.


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