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Earning My Ears
Apr 28, 2001
Thanks to everyone for all of the posts. We stayed at the Portofino 4/7-4/8 and it was great. We extended our stay before the land/disney cruise. The Portofino was definitely First Class. My husband, 3 Children (6,9,11) had plenty of room and beds were sooooo comfy! The FOL was the best. We went right on rides despite posted 90 to 100 minute waits for non site guests. My 6 yo DS, was scared of twister but loved MIB, Jurassic park, spiderman. Our favorite was Back to the future. My two girls went on the Hulk and dueling dragons with DH. I don't love rollercoasters but did enjoy everything else. Don't miss UNIVERSAL/IOA!!!
Hi! Glad to hear someone enjoyed their Portofino stay on the board. Just booked a few nights in
May for a standard room. Almost everyone
who was raving about their hotel stayed at
HRH. So was really happy to see your post.
Did you stay in a standard size room or a suite?
Will be there with DH and 2 kiddies and
wondering if there'll be enough space for all.
How was the pool there?
The room had two cushy queen beds, large bathroom, and a day bed. We have 3 children and they called the room a family garden room, not a suite. Spent all day at the parks so never got to use the pools. We did go to the hard rock hotel pool as my sis stayed there with her DH and 2 kids. Also, large beautiful room there for her family. Pool at Hard Rock large but lots of loud music! Kids loved slide. She complained about the service being sluggish, eg, long wait to fix cold shower, extra towels etc. Portofino was much more 5 star rating! Also enjoyed the bakery goods for breakfast right on water front. Enjoy!
In your response to folks raving about the HRH, it just seems like everyone is staying there because it is new and should typically be less expensive.

Personally, having stayed at both hotels, I think the PBH is definitely the better hotel. The two main advantages of the HRH are the location (easy walk to the parks) and price. They also have the better pool area I think. The HRH bathroom/vanity lay out may also be more convenient for certain situations (many people in the room and you need seperate areas to shower and get ready in).

For my last stay and my stay this weekend, the PBH was actually less expensive because the HRH was/is almost sold out while the PBH still had/has discounted room rates available (Annual Pass and AAA, no Entertainment though). I think it's a no brainer to take the PBH over the HRH when it is less expensive.
I just wanted to comment on your question about the pool at the Port. It is wonderful! I don't know how old your 2 children are, but the baby pool is fantastic. We always stay at the Boardwalk in DW, and I love their pool. But staying at the Port. spoiled us. The baby pool is fenced in. The kids can't get out! At the B/W, we were constantly chasing our 2 yr old as he ran to the "big pool". The "big pool" at the Port. is fantastic. It's a beach theme and the low end goes about 20 -30 feet before it gets deep. Also, the slide is great! There are servers throughout the pool are, bringing you drinks and lunch, if desired. One last comment, there were no umbrellas at the baby pool, so my husband asked the towel person if we could have one and he immediately brought one over. That was great....At the B/W baby pool area, the umbrellas are taken by 9 am. for the day.

Anyway, you are really going to enjoy this hotel. It is beautiful. And the food in the restaurants is fantastic. We will definitely go back.

Please feel free to email me if you have any more questions.
Please tell us more about the Bakery items available in the morning. Is it like a carry-out type thing? We are going in June and I like just a coffee and muffin type thing in the morning. Did you say it is outside near the water? SOUNDS GREAT please describe what they serve and approx price. THANK you THANK you Thank you, M


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