Star Wars Holiday Darth Vader plush


Crazy For The Mandalorian
Dec 18, 2020
Tonight I got the Star Wars Holiday Darth Vader plushie and it is so awesome. When you first see it you'll be amazed at how awesome Darth Vader is in Christmas attire and he carries a present in his hands. This Darth Vader plushie is also my first large Darth Vader plushie and he is wonderfully made so well done and I noticed when you hug Darth Vader he is actually soft but more like silky soft and this feature makes this Darth Vader plushie very unique and different than any of the other Darth Vader plushies sold elsewhere. If you are a Star Wars fan and like Star Wars Christmas merchandise this plushie is for you
Of all my Darth Vader plushies Holiday Darth Vader has become my favorite plushie and I was surprised at how awesome this plushie is. At bedtime last night I chose Darth Vader to snuggle with and when I hugged him I just couldn't get over how soft and silky he is and I can honestly say when you give this Holiday Darth Vader a hug he's like hugging a silk pillow and as I mentioned in my opening post I don't know how Disney designed him but I will say this is one of the best Darth Vader plushies ever made and I highly recommend you get one either as a Christmas decoration or a huggable bedtime friend


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