Standard Savanah AKL...what is this like?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by rapunzal, Mar 29, 2006.

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    Just booked AKL standard savanah...ap pass for $256 the last week in April. What is the difference between standard and deluxe savanah? Is this a good price? What location should I ask for? THanks
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    I believe the deluxe rooms are a bit bigger with room for a daybed that is not in the regular rooms.
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    Deluxes are bigger and I believe they are on the upper floors of the hotel.

    I stayed in a standard savannah about 1 1/2 years ago and we loved it (just me and BF). If you've ever stayed at WL, it's a similar sized room. We had a room on the third floor, which is the same level as the lobby, and we found that to be pretty convenient, although we were almost at the very end. However, we didn't mind being at the end because it gave us a chance to look thru all the viewing windows on the way to our room to see the animals.

    I was there in Oct. 2004 and had a code rate of about $155 (nearly 1/2 off the rack rate). April might be a busier time though.
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    Standard savannah rooms can sleep up to four and are on floors 2-4 facing one of the three savannahs. Deluxe savannah view are on floor five, are slightly bigger both in room and balcony, and can sleep as many as five with the right bed configuration. Bunk beds are available in either category.

    Have a wild time!

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