St. Maarten excursions for 7 yr old ds


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Jan 28, 2002
Would you recommend the Golden Eagle Catamaran excursion for a 7 yr old boy who is only a moderate swimmer? He loves the beach and I love sailing so I'm wondering if this would be a good experience for him. Also, is there nude sunbathing on the boat or the beach? Please let me know!!!

Also, would you recommend the Atlantis Sub in St. Thomas and would we still have time to visit Magens's Bay or another beach if we did the sub excursion in the morning???


Worried mom from NC
My DD 7 went on the Golden Eagle last week and she is less than a moderate swimmer. They have life jackets that the kids MUST wear. The crew is very good and are very safety minded. We did see a couple of topless women on the beach but I don't think my DD even noticed. I didn't draw her attention to it and she didn't say anything about it.

You will love this excursion if you decide to take it.

On St Thomas you have to remember that you MUST be back on board the ship at 4:30. We went to Magens Bay and then shopping so I don't know how long the sub excursion lasts.
Thanks for your input and I especially am glad about the life jackets being mandatory for children!:cool:
My dd who is only 5 did the Golden Eagle. She loved it!! It was the hit of the cruise for her!

They also have those noodles to float on so he will be fine!

Thanks Patty....would you recommend the morning or afternoon cruise....I'm leaning toward afternoon because I love to sleep in but will definitely get up if there's an advantage to the morning time.
I would highly recommend the Golden Eagle excursion. My DD7 and I went last week on the afternoon trip. Because of rough water conditions, we went to an alternate location. We were told the snorkeling wouldn't be good and some people decided not to go and received refunds. We had a great time and went to Mullet Bay Beach. We didn't really snorkel much but just swam around with the flippers and noodles (floaties). There were some big waves near the beach and it was a lot of fun watching the crew trying to serve drinks. There were a couple of topless women higher up on the beach but I don't think my daughter even noticed, although I saw many men "gawking"! Anyway, we had a great time and saw some beautiful sights along the way. The crew is fantastic and my daughter loved dancing to YMCA as we came to shore!


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