Spring is finally here!!!!


Apr 1, 2000
Some of you may have read my complaining about winter and many of you agreed! Today is the first day of spring, and we in southern Ontario are finally enjoying warmer weather - but WDW would still be better any day!

I agree, although the first day of spring in Canada is nice, the first day of spring spent in Walt Disney World would be even nicer! ;)

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Did someone say Spring, it is freezing out today. When will it ever end.

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The winchill was -31 yesterday morning. But it's a dry cold. Give a break. Enough already !!! :eek: :eek:
Will hockey ever end? It's not spring until that puck stops!

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Why are you all in such a hurry to have winter end this is the first half decent winter we have had in years I miss the winters we used to have like in the 70's and early 80's with lots of snow and cold. We are all just way to used to the past 6 or 7 years with the really mild winters we have had but it is time to get back to the good old winters we used to have and let it snow...
Darren :D
I agree Darren, however we have been having winter for 5 months now - enough is enough! More snow again (Sunday). I keep telling the kids to go out and play in it because it will probably be the last - and then it snows again! They are getting tired of playing in it. It is suppose to be 7 degrees this week - lets keep our fingers crossed!
Well, then, all that white stuff yesterday must have done your heart warm, Darren! LOL My DD was out playing in it, but me....I'm looking for that warm sun. (Pool liner-no trip to Disney for me for a few years!)

Oh, but I did enjoy the winter. I'm just ready for spring!

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Well, at least Spring sprang for a few days. It feels remarkably like Winter today, though. This snow stuff started on November 20th, the day we returned from WDW, and except for a few weeks after that when it melted, it's been with us ever since. Enough! We've put our skis away. Skating lessons are finished in another 2 weeks. I'm ready for some flowers.



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It's Tuesday and I am freezing!!! I've got my woodstove on, sweaters - this is very, very silly!
It is April next week.
Well, Spring has "sprung" waaaayy too early here. We started getting cherry blossoms the end of january and they were in full bloom by late February. The daffodils have had their day and the tulips are in full bloom. The sad news is, by Easter when we generally have all the Spring blooms, they will be long gone (the roses have already started coming in for crying out loud). Plus, with all this mild weather and lack of snow or rain this winter we are facing water-rationing. The other bummer is we have to start going to the gym earlier this year because everyone's been wearing shorts since March 1st :eek:

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That really sounds terrible Cannuk!!! It is only 5 degrees today - later this week is might reach 10!!! I finally put the kids snow pants, boots and winter coats away simply because I am tired of having them around. From now on they will be wearing their spring coats with lots of layers of clothes underneath! Do you want some water?? Our basement has flooded I don't know how many times now - trade you water for heat!!


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