Spring Disney Insider?

no it is a totally different publication.sorry but thanks for responding.

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I received my fall copy, however I ahve not received anything for the spring I think it is suppost to be here in January but, it is a no show!!!! :eek:
I am not sure it still exists;I though I read it was ending. Even when it was coming, it never came on a very regular schedule. Winter was anywhere from October to January and Spring could come anywhere from January to April. It didn't always have 4 issues a year either.

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I got a spring one and thoght the same thing 'Where is the other issue' I called and was told there was not another issue for the 2000 year. It sounds like it is just a disorganized dept.

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On the inside cover of the Insider, it said it was published by Disney Marketing and said something that basically meant it was published on an irregular basis. I figured that they publish it when they have some new thing that they are promoting or need to put a little push on WDW. It's basically advertizing to them, so if they have no need to advertise new features or drum up business, why spend the money sending it out? Û

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on a regular basis for over 5 years until this last year and have had to call about it everytime that a new one comes out and told everytime yes you are still on the list it was mailed don't know what happened to it but we will send another it is amazing the second one always gets here but the first doesn't.could it be my postal person?????

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I thought the Insider was another part of the MKC. Since the MKC is gone, I just assumed that we would never see another Insider. I get those "special" coupons on my DIsney catalogs now that I'm a Disney Club member.

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I used to get 2 copies for the past about 10 years: One said "Friend of WDW" and was probably sent to us because we go to WDW at least once a year. On the inside cover of that one it said it was a publication of Disney Marketing. The second copy says it was "Published twice a year as a complementary information service by the Magic Kingdom Club". We never on a really regular basis; sometimes the 2 issues would be Spring and Fall, sometimes they were Summer and Winter. Even the ones with the same season never arrived at the same time (like Spring was sometimes in January, but Spring could also be in March.
The MKC one at least is gone. The other one is likely gone too (it was basically the same as the MCK version).

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My family always thought that the Disney Insider was for kids. What do they have inside the magazine? We enjoy all the stories in the Disney Magazine. Is it anything like that magazine?
i don't know how to describe it, but the Disney Insider was more like a newsletter or a very small magazine. It was about 16-18 pages of stories that highlighted specific attractions or things going on at WDW. Like in the Spring 2000 issue that I found, it has stories about Fastpass, Millenium Village, Innoventions, Disny Cruises. A lot of things that were new or they thought would attract you to WDW.

SueM in MN
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