Spiderman ride at IOA, is it scary for a 6yr old?


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Jan 19, 2001
I will be taking 2 six yr old twins to IOA in March. The boy loves spiderman, but does not like scary rides. (Bugs Life movie/ride at Animal Kingdom has scared him for life I'm afraid.)

Can someone tell me in detail about the ride? Thanks,
Kid At Heart
Did Bug's life scare him because he has a fear of insects, maybe?? Or is he easily "freaked"?

I don't find anything scary about Spiderman. My son was 6 when we first went on it back in 1999 and he thought it was the best ride ever. And so did his Mommy.


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He was 4 at the time and the 3D effects and the bugs trying to "kill" the audience were too much.

I guess I just wanted to know what the ride was all about. Is it a roller coaster, or a movie?
ok i'm 14 (i love coasters) and i sometimes get freeked out. now i don't think the ride is freaky, its my head that makes it freeky. i'm a freek :eek: :eek: ;)

For an excellent spiderman ride description read Barry's report.

I took my 3 and 7 years old boys on this ride. My 7 year old loved it! He wanted to ride it over and over. After the first time through my 3 year old said...no more mommy! When he became frightened during the ride I had him remove his glasses and close his eyes. He didnt cry and he wasnt terribly upset, he just didnt want to ride again. It was too intense for him. But he is 3 not 6. Maybe you can ride it once w/o him and decide. All kids are so different, so only you can know if he will be frightened. :eek:
I personally loved this ride..hands down it was my favorite. Good Luck :)

Thank you so much for the link to Barry's description of the spiderman ride. It sounds fantastic. My son loves to know everything that is going to happen, so by explaining in detail the ride to him, I think he will love it!
Thanks to everyone!!
When my son was 6 and dau. 7 we took them on Spiderman. They Loved it!I have found the best way for them to enjoy simulator and 3D type rides is to explain, "If you get nervous take off the glasses and look over the edge of the car, you can see you are only a few feet off the ground and the "scene" is just a big movie!" It has worked on BTTF,Spiderman,T2 and even Hanna Barbera.
Good Luck!




It was a little too much for my 3 year old because she doesn't like rides where her stomach comes up -- but she talks about going on it the next time we go.
Boy, every kid is so different. I was surprised my 5 1/2 yr old didn't like it. It was her first experience with a simulator type ride. Even with her glasses off she was frightened.She might have liked it better if we had not made it her first ride of the day. But my 10 year old "ride chicken" loves sim rides, hates dark scary rides and coasters.


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