Southwest Experts - Please read....


DIS Veteran
Mar 23, 2000
A question for you experts PRIOR to tickets going on sale 6/28:

My family (and some non-family) are going to the world in December. Some are flying out on different dates, coming home on different dates, etc. A big mess.

I've been elected to get the airline tickets (in other words, "hey Kim, you're in charge of the tickets because we don't know how to do it").

So, here's my question(s): can I purchase tickets for everyone? Even non-family? Am I allowed to do that? If so, I plan on doing each ticket in two parts so I can take advantage of Ding fares. Can I do that also? I just want to make sure I have all details in order prior to 6/28.
Yes you can. Just put in their name on the passenger section. Good luck!
Yep, you can purchase tickets for whomever you'd like. As long as they have the money they don't care who's going :goodvibes


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