Southwest booking window


Jul 12, 2013
Southwest opens their next booking in February and it includes our departure date, but not our return. We always books the wanna get away rate and I remember from my last trip that the cheapest rate was the opening morning. Since you pay for each leg of a southwest flight, should I book our flight there on that opening day and then wait for the returns versus waiting for the whole travel period to be open?


DIS Veteran
Jul 27, 2012
Yep we did that for our summer trip. Outgoing flight wasn’t too terribly expensive but dang we got nailed on our return flight when it opened. It was very expensive but in a week or two it was sitting at $417 (we paid $241 I think). Outgoing flight briefly dropped and we got a credit to use on return flight. But now outgoing flight has increased to $50 more than we spent


Still feeling special!!
Jul 13, 2005
Our flight down was a reasonable $99 per person non stop but the flight home has been pegged at $251!! Lucked out a couple of weeks ago when Jet Blue dropped to $89 each for like 3 days. You gotta keep watching.


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