Something About Nothing ... #12

Lynne G

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Mar 29, 2009
A Buckeev sighting! Woot for some East Coast fun, and holiday family fun.

MonyK and one of her DD said hello when we met up at the Poly. Very nice chat until we parted ways, theirs to lunch, me to a dole whip.

Then we did some walking and shopping, with only one thing bought, in Disney Springs. After a snack, went across to TL, for their second to last glo night. Could not ask for nicer weather. Perfect, low crowds, and feel water logged now.

Almost time for bed, hope all are doing well, and having a lovely night.
  • macraven

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    Apr 21, 2003
    Nice you got to meet up with Monyk!

    It is also great to be able to put a face to a name after all this time, many of us have been "talking" to each other on the board for a long time.

    In case anyone cares, it was hot today.
    Weather man on tv said tonight that Wednesday might be the end of the high temps near (or at) 100.

    Thats good for me so I won't have to get up early each morning for any outings I want or need to do that day.

    I'm a better shopper after lunch......
    I could wander in stores a long time once I've eaten lunch.

    Hey Vicki, you are about an hour south of me...
    I bet you temps are higher than mine.
    (I'll gladly let you win this contest......)

    Now how many weeks has gone by since Kfish dropped in with her baby darling.....
    Think it is about time to get another pic of her to see how she has grown.

    My only regret in life is my boys grew up to fast.
    If I could capture the look they had when they were littles, I'd be in hog heaven.
    Littles are so sweet and lovable.

    Its wasn't until they went to school and start to think they were big boys now

    Guess that was the reason I had a new baby every other year so I could capture the precious look of a toddler.

    My boys got into a bratter stage once they started school


    It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
    May 15, 2007
    Hey buckeev…….nice to see you......glad you had a lovely trip!! Yes, good luck with the FP situation!!!!

    Charade.....never had Indian food? If it`s done right, it`s`s one food we don't look for in Florida.....never heard anyone say they`ve know a decent one......but New York.....yep. We have some fabulous Indian restaurants in the UK.......and home made food from Indians is usually beautiful.

    Lynne nice pics...….enjoy the rest of your trip...….and glad the weather has improved for you.....looks to have been very wet last week or so.

    mac....glad to hear your temps will decrease soon and you can get back to normal...….yes, kids grow up so quickly......

    Image result for no hangover meme

    We had a fabulous night....…..and after me saying this lot wouldn't stay late...…..last one left at 3.15am...…..which is why I`m only posting now at midday...….just finished the nicest bacon roll and big mug of tea ever!!!

    Karaoke was fun.....a lot of fun!!!! And food was delicious, I burnt a lot of candles to clear the curry aroma....and it worked.....and thankfully everyone`s dish was as ordered. Too many naan breads and rice though.....but better than not enough. All remains and packaging sealed up tightly in large plastic bag and put in trash last night. Couldn't imagine leaving that laying around.

    But, drank some lovely wines and it was just a really good night.

    So, no plans to go out today....restful day ahead......we both may snooze later!! Dinner will be snack items cooking today.

    Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday...…..


    Look into my eyes
    May 8, 2015
    Morning Sans family :wave2:



    Welcome Bethany :welcome:

    Not looking forward to the next few days in the garden center as it's supposed to be in the upper 90s...bring on the powerade :drinking1
    Tink glad to hear you are getting your plans for your upcoming vacation sorted. I have never done the scaractor dining at HHN before.

    Hope it is not to bad in the garden center today for you.

    Lynne and Monyk great to hear you both got into Orlando and we’re able to arrange a meet up.

    Schumi.....yeah.... for a great night with wine, good food and friends. Sounds like a lazy Sunday is in order.

    I was had a very lazy day yesterday. Those are good to have sometime.

    Need to get going. I’am going to church this morning and after we are taking son and family out for lunch to a restaurant he picked to celebrate his birthday.

    Have a great Sunday Sans family.

    Lynne G

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 29, 2009
    Lazy days are always needed, and having one today for Robo and seems like Schumi too.

    We did get a bit of rain, but we spent it looking through a store. Perfect timing. With radar on our phones, little one is very good at seeing where. We are well versed in summer thunderstorms, as we get them at home. So, we know when to duck inside when needed, or whip out an umbrella. Here is hoping for another beautiful, rain free night. Later start for us, as more late night fun. AP night is tonight, and we are looking forward to more fun in the dark.

    Little one wants to do the new ride, so far, the wait times are not calling us to go. We will try to be in line before IOA opens, and make a bee line there. Maybe Tuesday.

    Mac, yep time goes fast, and our kids grow up, and start the family’s next generation. And hey, they are forever your kids. Hope you are getting some cooler weather. Know being an early bird 🐦 is not your style, you are more a night 🦉.

    With that, Tink is in the garden store, hope your work goes fast and you get your trip FP choices you want.

    Enjoy a super wonderful Sunday homies, good morning. 😃

    With that, I need to make some coffee.
  • schumigirl

    It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
    May 15, 2007
    Yes, hope the rain stays away...….it`s incredibly accurate to predict the change in weather there which we like, if it says rain at 2.17pm....then that's when it usually starts........although one look at the sky usually tells us.....I love seeing that change in sky for the mid afternoon storms coming in......although long as they don't stay long! Enjoy the AP event tonight....

    Robo…..enjoy your lazy day too!!! Lunch sounds lovely.

    We`ve been nibbling a few snacks already...….hard to resist!

    Watching some old classics on dvd...….just finished the Bride of Frankenstein and about to watch House of Frankenstein then the Bob Hope funny, The Ghost Breakers...….love that movie!


    Proud Redhead...yes, I have some bananas!
    Dec 30, 2004
    Nice to see the reports, especially pics, from Orlando :). I’ll wish away the typically afternoon showers for you. They often seem to make it even steamier

    decided to start a few loads of laundry today after getting roused via neighbor started to tear down his garage at 7 am. Um, a bit early. Noisiest bull dozer ever. How they are still going at it 3 hours later is puzzling. Only a detached one car block variety & the roof was already slowly removed the last few weeks.

    Will toss a couple of steaks on grill later this afternoon once I get responses from my kids invited to dinner. GD is in :) but need to make her something else. Who doesn’t like steak? She’ll stay overnight, will figure out something interesting to binge watch with her. Will miss these lazy, warm summer weekends.

    Have a great day all:)

    Lynne G

    DIS Veteran
    Mar 29, 2009

    Nice and almost hot. Had those fancy pizza fries as a snack. Overpriced, but fun idea. And of course little one was taking all the most plain. I got most of the cheese, and oddly, the sauce was a red sauce with an overlapping bbq flavor. No matter, we still polished them off in a few minutes. IOA start, with of course that other potter ride. New ride is still saying it is down, and when we saw people atill waiting in a long enough line, we will just keep checking.

    Nice GD is sleeping over tonight, and yep my little one is a steak fan. We will try to go to Big Fire, but so many places we want to eat, including a BK run on own way back from Disney, after 11pm. At least that Coast was about a dollar more than at home.

    Sue M

    DIS Veteran
    May 27, 2009
    View attachment 426518

    Well, a sideways one. Same view this am.

    Comedy of errors. Not only the delay, but we picked a car, from the very slim pickings, that the prior renter did not take our car off his sunpass account, that added more time. We realized that after lots of discussion with the checkout lady that no way was I paying their sunpass charges. Finally, the manager came. He said he turned off their sunpass info, but it did not help. He sugggested we call sunpass. Excuse me. We just want to go, and this has never happened to us.The manager then came with this huge SUV, while we had booked a midsize. He thought we would be happy, and we said kinda big, and wanted the brand of car we like. Low and behold, they did have the SUV we wanted, and a quick add to my sunpass account, with no issues, and we were finally on our way. No traffic, and when we got to the hotel, the lady said I had two reservations. I said, I did book different ones, but since the first booking was a mistake, I had cancelled, and showed her my cancelled email. After that manager came, we finally got our room cards and passed out. Nice room on the west wing, though a bit from the elevator, but close to boat launch. Some park time, before heading over to the Motherland, for a little shopping, food, and nighttime water park glowing time fun. And some time in there, hoping to catch up with MonyK.

    Welcome to Bethany, CB is a great resort, and glad you booked it now, for some fun next year.

    Schumi, hope your friends show tonight, and yum to 🥓 this morning.

    Good Morning Mac. Hope you stay indoors with that heat.

    Oh, and I have to say, the guy sitting next to us on the flight was very funny, and pleasant. Made the time go faster.
    Wow Lynne, everything that could go wrong did! But we love the west wing! We had the top floor bay view with the huge stone balcony. I could look off the balcony to check the boat queue! A couple of times we took the pedi cab!
  • Sue M

    DIS Veteran
    May 27, 2009
    Well I’m baack! Exhausting travel day yesterday. Started nice enough, my friend in LA came to pick me up and take me to our usual brunch stop, Marmalade Cafe near LAX. Another friend joined us. Had a lovely brunch then got dropped off at LAX.

    We checked in online but also have to go to check in desk at airport to get boarding passes because they have to see our passports. All was well at this point, until we get thru security and to gate. DELAY. Ugh. So already I know we’ll miss our connection in Portland. One of the pilots was sitting at the gate waiting too. We struck up a conversation and he suggested going to one of the gates with an agent there and ask them to look into it.
    We lucked out and went to the gate that had a supervisor there. She was very efficient and re-routed us. And bumped us to first class seats. We had been in premium economy.
    But it was a long travel day, had 2 hr wait in LAX and 2.5hr wait in SeaTac. Didn’t get home till midnight.

    Haven’t unpacked yet. Still in pjs, lol! My husband says why unpack, lol. Just wash clothes and put them back in suitcase for Sept! Ha.

    Oh, forgot to mention we went to a Hot & Juicy in Anaheim! Thanks to Schumi it’s now a must! So yummy. I had the cornbread nuggets for an appy, they were really good.

    Trying to catch up.

    Schumi your curry and karaoke night sounds fun. I wish I had a good voice.

    Lynne fun visit with Monykalyn! I love TL. And they have a new family raft you don’t have to climb a bazillion stairs to get to! You just go up the conveyor in the tube/raft. All slides should be like that!
    In DL we had a raspberry-pineapple swirl dole whip, yummy.
    I hope you had a good pizza. We tried it in May and didn’t like it.

    Mac stay cool.

    Hi Pumpkin! Yeah, Captain Jack was fun!

    Buckeev looks like you have your work cut out for you. Good luck!

    Keishashadow I only keep the best company, lol.

    Charade, it’s hard at first, having the empty room, but you do get used to it.

    Lynne, I don’t understand why the people didn’t take off SunPass? I would never know till I got the car to my hotel. The Ft. Lauderdale garage has zero cell reception and I just take 95 to hotel and add my sun pass there. When you add rental on sun pass there is a space to put in the date and time of drop off. Gus’s they didn’t do that? You could have had free tolls, lol.
    One time we got stuck with the super large suv when they ran out of vehicles. Literally that was the only thing left. I hated it. Way too big.


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