So what did you do while the boards were down? We bought into VWL!

Simba's Mom

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Aug 26, 1999
DH had said he wanted to, but he's really not a Disney nut like me (actually he says no one's as much a Disney nut as me!) and getting him to take any vacation together is torture, so I thought he was just saying that all along to appease me. I took the tour on the last solo trip, we discussed it, and finally he convinced me that he was serious. Our first trip will probably be in June for our anniversary. I'll probably have lots of questions, but right now I'm just in shock!

It'll be great having y'all as neighbors for the next 40 years. Congratuations!:pinkbounc
Wow! Welcome Home!
Sounds like an expensive couple of days.
But, well worth it.
Welcome Home! I have news for you though, my DH thinks I am the biggest Disney nut out there - maybe one day we'll have to have a contest to see who really is the biggest Disney fan :D . Anyway, here's to the next 40 years of wonderful memories for you and your family!!!!!

Congratulations and welcome home! Unfortunately, I discovered Ebay!
Welcome home!

Glad to have you as a neighbor at VWL!

ohiominnie :p
Welcome home!
I tried some other boards...but they don't come close to the DIS! Thank heaven it's back!
Robin M.

Congratulations and wishing you a Magical time for the next 40 years!!!!

To think, I spent the time packing up the rest of our Christmas stuff. :mad:

I never thought to buy more points.;) ;) ;)
Always a pleasure to add a new neighbor onto the board...Welcome home!
We did exactly the same thing!!! We added 100 points. We were considering BCV but decided that we didn't know what to expect as far as price,MB etc so we just went for it.

WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome neighbor! We are making our first trip home to VWL on May 25th. I'm all packed!! While the boards were down, I worked on my pin collection and spent way too much money on EBAY.

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