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    Thanks for getting this far ha ha! So my family of 5 is booked at the Poly from March 11-March 18. So excited! Now I hear that the pool is going to be closed until March 1st. First question, is Disney good about staying on schedule? I also have learned from these boards that discounts should be made available to the public tomorrow. I'd love to get a discount but am trying to figure out if its worth changing from the Poly if there are not rooms available during that time, and where I should change to? We are having a once in a lifetime type of trip (or at least for the next 5 to 7 years) so I'm afraid of having to make a decision while on the phone and not knowing what to switch to. Any advice, support, anything appreciated. Has anyone had the experience of not having rooms available if you call early? Thanks again everyone!
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    If you think there is any chance you may like a different resort, do some research now, today. Check out the various other resorts and get familiar with their rates. Then, if you call and are offered a discount, you will have some idea as to how good it is.
    For might like the CR. So, check out the rates for that resort. Figure out how much it would cost you to stay there instead of the Polynesian. Then, if you are offered a discounted deal at the CR, you will know what you would have paid so will know if this is a good deal.
    Personally? If I had the Polynesian I would stick with it. If Disney says they are going to finish the pool rehab by March 1st, then they will. I haven't heard too many situations where they have run behind time.
    So go ahead and call if discounts are offered. But, I think I would stick with the Polynesian. Perhaps they will have a good discount available.

    I know that there was the year we had POR booked for a week long stay in August. But, there was a really great offer at WL, so I booked it. That cost me about $140 more than the POR stay. Well.....I saw a wonderful deal at the 4 nights, get 3 free!!! I jumped on it. I ended up paying about the same for those 7 nights at the Polynesian as I was for WL!!
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    I agree with the pp to look at other resorts and have a 2nd choice in mind should the Poly not be available for your dates under the promo. The promo currently offered to Disney Visa cardholders that's getting released to the GP tomorrow is offering the Poly, GF, CR, and WL at 20% off, while the BC, YC, BWI, & AKL are 30%. You could price out any resort (room only) and take the percentage off to get an idea of what it would be with the discount. The Poly is an amazing resort and is our favorite for many reasons. But with that said, we have stayed at all but 3 of the deluxes and wouldn't hesitate to stay at any of them again as they were all great. Good luck.
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    I would get online and see what you can get, compare it to your current package and give yourself some time to decide what you want to do.

    Do you have a room-only or a package deal? If you can swing another deposit you could always make another room-only reservation then give yourself a day or two to decide.

    What are your priorities for this trip? Will you spend most of your time at Magic Kingdom? Do you like to eat at Epcot in the evening? Those are the sorts of things that will help you decide whether another resort might work for your trip.

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