So Cal Short Escape 10/4/2018 trip report


Earning My Ears
Sep 24, 2018
We were on this tour too! (The world tour people!) It was nice to relive it! Thanks for your report!
Nice to hear from you. I was at your table at Storytellers Cafe for breakfast. Hope your world tour worked out well! If you decide to do.a trip report, let us know where to find it.

But I don’t know which DIS board would be the appropriate one for such a report...


Earning My Ears
Dec 26, 2014
If your trip is in March, then maybe you’ll get to experience World of Color. Hope they will have it running by then.

Since you are arriving early, you might ask a Vacationista how early the guides will be in the lobby on the first day. You might not be able to get the 4-day pass before the parks open that day.
Fingers are crossed that World of Color is back in time!
So our ABD starts on the 7th, the Vacationista actually set it up to have us picked up at the airport on the 6th in the morning. (We're going to drop our rental car off early that morning). We're going to get a day ticket for that day. I actually booked a room at the Grand Californian the night before and after the ABD and put requests in that we stay in the same room if possible.


Earning My Ears
Feb 3, 2017
Thanks for this report. We are doing this before our cruise on the Wonder in May. Very excited!


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