snorkeling idea


Has a hidden stash of Trentino Moscato!
Jan 29, 2002
Okay, I loved everything at Castaway Cay with just one suggestion.....has anyone snorkeled at Royal Carribeans Coco Cay? This is the only place where RC beats out Disney in my book. And it would be an easy fix for Disney......RC has a similar set up...snorkel all day, things to see in the water, lifeguards posted in the snorkel area. But the coolest thing is to go to the one lifeguard stand and ask for the guard to throw in fish food........instantly you are surrounded by the most amazing fish:D What an incredible treat! Instead of searching for the fish, they are just there, everywhere you look! I know it sound trite and/or corny, but until you experience it.....WOW! Perhaps, if the powers that be see this..........

Anyone else experience Coco Cay?
Although i have never been snorkeling at Coco Cay, I also thought about this when we were at CC. Or even if they would have some ' fish food' that a person could buy and feed the fish themselves...
I had read on one of the boards before our December cruise that some people bring a can of Cheese Wiz. We didn't, so I cannot tell you if it works or not but either this or fish food would be a great idea.

We used Cheez Wiz when we snorkeled at Cinnamon Bay in St. John and the fish gathered around us. We had underwater cameras and got some great pictures of so many different kinds of fish. I got a good underwater picture of a stingray at the adult beach at Castaway Cay too.
As ChiTownZee said, this really isn't good for the fish. Cheez Whiz is hard for me to digest... I can't imagine what it does to the poor fish ;)

I have heard that dog biscuits make an acceptable substitute. Or maybe even some kind of fish pellets available for home aquariums?



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