SkyAuction! Too Good to be true?


Feb 13, 2002
I have recently won a vacation on skyauciton and can't belive the deal. $235.00 for 7 nights at one of the following resorts:
Orange Lake
FLorida Vacation Villas
Westgate Vacation Villas
High Point world
Silver Lake
Summer Bay
Hilton Grand Vacation Club
Ramada Vacation Suites
Orbit one vacation villas
Celebration world resort

I just can't belive that this deal can be true. Has anyone else used skyauction? If so, how was it? These places seem very very nice, and there websites state that they are around $1000.00 to $2000.00 for a week. There seems to be a catch somwhere, but I can't find it. Did anyone have to sit through a timeshare meeting or tour another resort! Or is this thing the best thing to happen since Splash Mountain opened! Thanks everyone!
Yes that is the one I bid on yesterday also..... No timeshare presentation. Hope you get the week and resort you want. I paid $299 and got a 2-BR as said and it was not an auction on Skyauction, just available.

Orlando is overbuilt and non-peak times they'd rather fill then leave empty I guess.... Bottom line you are looking at 300-400 rooms up for auction over the year in resorts that probably have 5000 rooms to fill WEEKLY!!! And remember there is no daily maid service, so otherwise they are empty, and the hope is you tell others or maybe fall in love and buy a unit.

If you are prepared to be given the hardsell and go to a timeshare presentation, you can find cheaper, yet the Presentations are HELL... Did 2 years ago and my wife would kill me if I made her sit through one.
I've read their FAQs and their terms and nowhere does it state that you must be prepared to sit through the 90 min presentation. This disclaimer must be posted if it was the case.

Too good to be true? Not really. The weeks are limited to off peak usually and the rooms, cabins etc make no one money if they are not inhabited. It's how Priceline works. I think it's a great alternative if you are willing to bid and be flexible. Have fun picking a place to stay!

No it isn't too good to be true. I have gonr the last 2 years to Orlando using Skyauction and have stayed in Orbit One (very good) 2 bdrm, and Westgate Villas (good) 2 bdrm. Both deals were for a week each and I paid less than 350.00 total each time. There is no timeshare stuff to go through as I have never seen that posted on the aution terms. Also, Skyauction has an e-bay store that sells these vacations without as many people bidding on them (sshhhh, LOL).
I won on skyauction a 3 bedroom checking in this Sunday for President's Week, which is peak season. It's a great alternative to paying rack!!!
Thanks everyone! This board is just awesome! I can' t wait to go. This is going to be our honeymoon. (Shhhhh she doesn't know:) I am excited and feel like I just found something that I will use a a lot in skyauction. Thanks again!

Hi just got back from Orange Lake 2 bedroom condo for 195 plus 80 dollar is for real..we have also done Silver Lake which is very nice.....when you check in they do not know you are from sky auction as you check in as a time share owner who has traded another time share (RCI) for Orange Lake...I did get a call about Wed wondering if we would like to see Orange Lake and I said no and that was that......I have noticed that there are very few time shares on skyauction in the last 4 to 5 weeks except at the "ready set go" site which is set prices at 499 and 299 a week..still a good deal........obviously RCI and other time share companies would rather have someone in the empty unit at 195 plus the bid rather than sit empty.....not sure how long this treasure will be available......many more people are aware now than 10 months ago so prices may go up.....but it is still a great deal and all on the up and up......enjoy....Ted
Bump --
This is an old post, and Skyauction has my curiousity piqued.
I was wondering if any past skyauction Disney vacationers could let us know how their trip went. :)
Mine was a few years ago at Westgate Lakes. Good deal and I never even got contacted about a timeshare pitch!

Watch the fees though! They are expensive. My deal was I would only bid up to what an All Star room would cost (I was going for the studio) The studio was huge and very nice.
Yes I posted above.... The trip was great.... OLCC is very nice. Room was huge. Everything was there and can't for a minute think of staying in a hotel room for a week with 2 young kids. I loved the golf and got a good rate there. Could not go wrong.

I paid $299 no timeshare pressure or anything.....
I just won a Ready-Set-Go auction and chose a one bedroom at Silver Lake. For $262 ($37.42/night) it is cheaper than a 3* on Priceline after taxes and fees. I'm going to love having a whirlpool tub and full kitchen. I can't wait!
We just got back from at week at Orange Lake Country Club purchased at Skyauction for $265 total. As has been pointed out in this thread, it's not too good to be true, it's the real deal.

OLCC was gorgeous. We got a two-bedroom, two-bathroom villa with screened-in porch, living room, and full kitchen (including stove, microwave, dishwasher, full-size refrigerator, and all the dishes, flatware, and cooking pans you could need.) It had a gigantic master bathroom with a gigantic jacuzzi tub. And all this for less than you'd pay to stay at a fleabag motel even if you used Priceline.

I should point out that I was not treated badly because I bought on Skyauction. When we arrived at 11:00 am we asked to be moved to a villa in the Tennis section that was available for immediate check-in, and they did so with a smile. We never received so much as a note under our door asking us to do a timeshare presentation. It was perfect!

My advice, if you're still in the process of bidding, is not to bid more than $50, or $100 tops (for a maximum total of $300 for the week). Sometimes people get latched onto one particular auction and bid it up, when there are other auctions for the exact same thing that have no bids. If the price goes to high, move on to another auction that has no bids yet.
It's the best kept secret of low cost vacation accomodations.
I've been booking the weeks for the last year, no problems at all.
What I really like about Skyauction is that if you make a mistake they will NOT hold you to it like Priceline. They just give it to the next highest bidder or put it back up for auction. Very good customer service.
I would just like to say be sure you read ALL the details on the auctions. Some of the extra fees/taxes can be pretty high and if you are not paying attention, you could end up paying much more than you counted on!

For those of you who get 2brs, was it a specific auction for a 2 br, or did you pay extra for it?
Just to update my own post! We spent oure week at the Silver Lake Resort in June for our Honeymoon. Could not have asked for anything better (for that price or even double). SkyAuction is not to good to be true. I will we this service many times I'm sure. I didn't have to go to a timeshare presentation and I have not received any phone calls from anyone. Excellent! A+
I just landed a successful bid on Skyauction! I will be paying $242.oo for a one-bedroom (7 nights) at Cypress pointe Grand Villas! My suggestion is to wait until last minute to bid. Just don't bid against me! LOL
Regarding 2bdr, you don't have to pay extra. Here's how it works:

1. Find a Ready Set Go auction that has no bids, or none higher than $50 or so. With extra fees, a $50 bid will total $260 or something like that for the whole week.

2. Before you bid, you search the inventory. Select the Orlando area, and specify that you want 2 bedroom minimum.

3. Rather than specifying the exact check-in date you want, pick a date two weeks before and search for 30 days later. This gives you the listings for the two weeks before and two weeks after the week you want, in case you can be a little flexible.

4. Pick the resort you want, and reserve it with the auction number. Then if you win, you are guaranteed to get what you want.

You don't have to pick in advance, but since you can still change even after you win the auction, it's worth it. You aren't locked in until you pay.

Good luck! Some of the resorts listed are very nice, and you can get a two bedroom for $500 less than a tiny room at an All-Stars.


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