Sick on Jan. 26 Magic Cruise!



I read the thread regarding the 1/19 cruise. I guess the crew is spreading it now. Just returned today from the 1/26 Magic... here's how it goes...

DS (6 yrs) - Tuesday and Wednesday, V & D (missed the goofy party he was so looking forward to enjoying)

DH (older) - Thursday V and D (missed the sureal bath he wanted to take with DW)

DS (8 months) - Thursday evening 'V' only and then again today all over myself and a couple of passengers on a Northwest plane while I was walking him to calm him down

ME (older) - of course my V & D had to hit early on Friday morning, Castaway Cay day! The day I had a cabanna massage reserved. Could not get out of bed, other than to hit the bathroom! AWFUL virus!

We are glad to be home. At least we had Sunday and Monday on the ship before we all went down hill. We saw many episodes of 'V' being cleaned up around the ship (especially the children). The nurse said it had also occurred on the cruise before us - 1/19!

I hope we can go on another cruise some time...maybe....I would do a trip report, but you would all be so sad.
Oh, there is nothing worse than being sick on vacation. :(

So sorry to hear you had such a hard time of it, and do try cruising again sometime. Honestly, it is a wonderful experience if you're all relatively healthy. But stomach viruses are the absolute worst, there is nothing you can do but wait them out.
Have to tell you, it's the time of year. There was standing room only in the nurses office in our elementary school for the past 2-3 weeks since going back after Christmas break. One of the Kindergarten classes had only 10 students and the teacher was out sick with virus also.

Whatever is out there it is hitting pretty bad and spreading quickly also.

Hope your next cruise is just PERFECT for you.
So sorry to hear about your experience. My DS (5) had a high fever and ear infection during the 1/19 cruise. Fortunately, our only lasted 36 hours and only effected one member of our family. Its a shame that all of you suffered and spoiled your cruise.
As I said in my post in the other thread re being sick on the Magic -- I had V&D on Magic sailing October 20, 2001. It's not stopping me though -- Magic again on October 12 this year.

Anyone else sick on the Magic in October, November, December last year?

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Thank God we didn't have it...but some friends on 1-5 cruise had
the same thing.

DD did get a little bit of something when we got home...V and a
fever...a little d..but not much. She had a fever that I couldn't get don't know what that was all about.

Anyway....good luck to everyone and hopefully they got the
ship aired out and virus free....

So sorry to read all the postings about getting sick while on the cruise. We enjoyed so much despite the significant rocking of the ship; let's be honest, it was really hard to walk a straight line. My toddler (4 years old next month) enjoyed so much that even as I write this, she is still wearing the Oceaneear Club tag on her wrist, she refuse to remove it. We did not get sick at all, maybe because we did not consume too much alcohol while on board.
FL, Now your scaring me, everyone says you don't get seasick as the with the stabilizers you don't feel the ship rocking. Now you said you felt rocking. Going in May, could it be the January waters are rougher?
Mjasp. Relax. I am sure the stabilizer were deployed; otherwise, it would have been much worse. Not everyone got sick either. I think the more you think about it, the more you feel the rocking. Personally, I have no explanation. We took no medicine whatsoever, we ate like pigs while on board and we did not get sick. But, during my last trip to Universal Studios, I got really dizzy just after riding Men in Black, so figure it out. My stateroom was located in deck 7 midship just around the elevators. Ah, the elevators, how in earth they do not rub the elevator shaft while the ship is rocking, uhm, it gotta be some Disney Magic. I am not sure the rocking was related to January, my first cruise was last year during Valentine's Day and the seas were flat like a pancake. I think the rocking started just as we approched that portion of sea around Puerto Rico, it has a special name that I forgot, but I remember one of the first officers mentioning something about "being tricky to navigate" during a Q&A session we have during a Navigator Series presentation. Good luck in your trip.
MJ....dont know who you got your info from..but you do feel the ship rock and yes...I have seen people seasick on the ship. Just get you some Bonine and make sure and take it before the ship leaves the port and you should be fine!
I have gotten sea sick on every cruise I had taken, both carnival and Disneys old Big Red Boat. This time I am going prepared with the Patch!!
I have also been to Saint Thomas 3 times and all three times came home with an ear infection, the Dr said it as from the warm water there breeding bacteria if it gets in your ears!


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