Should I get a Webcertificate Card?


Oct 17, 1999
I have decided to start saving for a WDW trip in November 2002. I have a bit saved on a Webcertficate, but am wondering whether I should transfer it to a Card. I'm looking for pros and cons, like when the card expires, does it work like a debit card, etc. I'd appreciate knowing your experiences. Thanks!
I would say go on and get the plastic card if you have plenty of time to save before your trip. I have had mine since last year, and even though it has 10/01 printed as the exp. date on it, my account on the internet says 12/2003. I am going to call them about that to see if I need to purchase another after 10/01. I have never had a problem with it being accepted. I really like having the "free money", and I use it strictly for meals, etc. on vacation. Unfortunately, there are not as many programs out there now for adding to the WC, but there are some and I just keep doing it, adding slowly.

I was told that I would automatically receive a new plastic card (for no additional charge) when my existing one expires...just like I would a regular credit or debit card. That's assuming you still have funds, of course. You might want to verify that just in case, but that's what the rep told me when I ordered mine.



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