Should Disney bring back Virtual Magic Kingdom? (VMK)


Oct 3, 2015
Hey there, Hi There, Ho There,
An idea has been tickling me pink for sometime. During the happiest celebration on, Disney had a couple of online games that I loved to play when I was younger (specifically Mission Space Race Online, and Virtual Magic Kingdom [VMK]).
When you win certain credits, games, collect certain items, and complete quests, you can actually get items from the VMK hub in WDW on Main Street. It was great knowing I could get a certain pin or whatever when I went back to WDW after playing VMK. The game would only be online certain times of the day due to an actual moderator needing to be at the helm to monitor game play.

So my question and idea:
Why doesn't Disney bring back VMK?

It'd be a opportunity for future guests to look forward to receiving a pin or certain prize for completing quests when they arrive at the WDW resort. And it can also be a way for WDW to get guests to come back again and again because they will have certain prizes or pins (for pin trading) that they can only receive if they complete games and quests in VMK. With technology these days, hiring a moderator for the servers wouldn't/shouldn't be necessary. And, in my opinion, would give me something to look forward to when I make my WDW vacation plans. As in, I NEED to play VMK so i can get this limited pin/prize for my pin/prize trading collection. I feel its a missed opportunity. If its a money thing then (like alot of disney games) they can have a pay to play option (see: Disney Emoji Blitz, or basically any online game produced by Disney). While we are in a day and age where we want kids to play outside, I feel from a business perspective that Disney can benefit in a way (advertising, guest attraction, immersion, inclusion). What do you think?!?!?

See you all real soon!


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May 2, 2010
They won't, but I would be the first in line to pay for it. I would happily pay for that and/or a Pixie Hollow reboot.


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Aug 8, 2000
The entire bunch of us that played it back then, tried and tried asking Disney not to close it but no luck. They obviously did not want to continue and made a big thing at the end about it was only for the 50th anniversary of Disneyland. However, there is a MyVMK out there, look it up on Facebook to find the group. It is run by a younger crowd who were able to access the files after a 5 year time frame and recreate it. I hear they do have problems, but a lot of it seems lack of experience in fairly staffing an online game and that they are trying to make it more accessible to other media, like mobile phones and tablets. I myself along with a large group of gamers from VMK went out and tried out various games. After a year or so I stayed with two, Wizard 101 and VirtualFamilyKingdom, and then finally during the last year I have only stayed with VFK. My sister mentioned this past year she has been playing the newer version of Toontown I think. Don't know if you liked or tried that game. :) Good luck on finding a game :)


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