Sept. Quiz: Where in the World Have You Seen Me? - Day 24**ANSWERS ADDED**

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    Let's see what we have for today!


    These trash cans are found on what street in which theme park?
    Sunset Blvd. in Disney's Hollywood Studios (I know these trash cans can be found elsewhere on property, but I wanted to see if you recognized the street!)
    The live show that is performed in an amphitheater on this street has played on how many different stages in this park?
    The Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage show has been performed on 3 different stages since the park opened. The name of two of the theaters may have been the same, but the location and type of theater was different.
    For a bonus, can you name them (exactly)?
    The first and current stage was/is called Theater of the Stars, and the second was the Backlot Theater. The original Theater of the Stars was a much smaller theater on Hollywood Blvd, right where the Sunset Blvd. intersection is now. During the construction of Sunset Blvd., the show was moved to the Backlot Theater, which is also gone (replaced by the Premier Theater.) The show then moved to its current location, the Theater of the Stars on Sunset Blvd.
    Clear as mud?

    Please answer in the usual fashion, and good luck!
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