sending couple for honeymoon


May 12, 2000
Hello all,

We are planning on sending a newlywed couple to WDW for their honeymoon. They are getting married in RI with a Mickey & Minnie theme in July. Finances are tough [as the bride graduates from school in May] so we are hoping that our "shower" crew will chip in to help make the memory.

My question is: how can we do this the cheapest? We are aware of the $65 per night at AS in July. Are there any good package deals? We prefer to send them onsite to "keep the magic".

Any input appreciated!

Call WDW Merchandise and order the bride & groom mouse ears for them to wear. You can have them delivered he for a shower gift or to their resort for them to have there. The extra attention they will receive when wearing them will be fun. Of just order guest of honor badges if they won't wear the ears.

Provide them a list of romantic things to do. Let them pick and chose. OR you could turn it into a little travel guide. Get a small book or a binder of index cards and on each page list a different activity. Leave room for them to write their comments or take a picture and put it there. This could be the start of their memory album.
There's a thread on another board about romantic things to do at WDW.

Be sure to tell the resort it is their honeymoon. Also mention it on any PS you or they make.

Have they asked for Disney Dollars for wedding gifts?

Can anyone purchase their park hoppers as a gift? How about several people getting together and purchasing them?

It is usually cheaper to plan trip yourself than to use a package. The packages have things in them that you might or might not use. Plus they are charging everyone for the room.
The couple has not asked for Disney Dollars since they don't know they are going yet!

When we send the shower invitations out, we are hoping to put on them what we are paying for room, tickets, airfare, so people could offer to pay for 1 night at the hotel.

We're also hoping that they get a few Disney Dollars too at the shower, & then as wedding gifts.

I'm so excited for them, ALMOST as much fun as if I were going....
Packages tend to be the most expensive way to do it.

Maybe it's just me but I wouldn't "hope" people offer to pay part. Get the list of invitees and call or mail them saying "here's the idea and here's the breakdown. Can you participate?"

No, I don't think the All-Stars are a good choice for a honeymoon. Atmosphere very oriented to families with kids. The value resorts would be a poor choice for a honeymoon. If you can get a discount at S/D I'd go that way, otherwise at least try a moderate (or offsite).
I have to agree with the last poster... we did ASMu for our honeymoon and it was not the most romantic place we could have been, but it did fit our $budget$ so I understand...

Someplace like Port Orleans/Riverside would be much more appropriate if you can get some others to chip in. I can't speak about offsite hotels, I have never been.

Good luck with this - it is a wonderful thing you are doing!!! :)
Hi, I don't know if this will help, but, I am doing the exact same thing for a great friend of mine. I got them into a wing room at the contemporary for 4 nights, discovery magic plan, airport transfer, and airfare for about $2400. ( in October).

These guys don't have alot of surplus cash, so I opted for the discovery plan so I'd know they eat!

Good luck in your plans...and I too would second a prior posters thought that you make direct contact with the shower attendees to muster support.:D

I agree that the All Stars are not the best choice for a honeymoon, but are probably the most economical. My husband and I love the jacuzzi in the 1-bedroom DVC resorts(Old Key West, Boardwalk Villas, Wilderness Lodge Villas)and any of them would definitely be a step up from the All Stars. Perhaps you could "rent" enough points from a member to send them to a 1-bedroom for 3-4 nights(with a tub like that, they may not need park passes!). Just another option. By the way, this is a wonderful gesture on your part. We plan on sending our kids to WDW for their honeymoons, too, if they wish, using our points(sounds like a good enough reason to purchase more now!). :)
WOW!! If only someone had done this for me!! lol I think it is very generous of you to do this for them. If they are on a tight budget and couldn't afford to do this themselves, they will appreciate whatever the "shower crew" can put together for them. Good Luck in your planning. I know I would just love if someone did this for me!:D


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