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Hi Tribe, I was born in Tonawanda, as were my parents and some of my grandparents!!

One more tip, in the unloading area for JIYI at Epcot, you can send yourself an email with your picture (free). makes a nice souvenir. It's one of those big machines that is near the Kodak counter.

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If you eat at a character Dinner at any resort, tell your kids to write down their name and address on a small piece of papaer and give it to the characters. Most likely the characters will send you an 8 by 11 REAL KODAK PHOTO of them, and they'll sign it too! My daughter Kristin got one. She recieved a picture of Chip and Dale fishing near Japan with the neatest clothes and backround!! They also signed it for her. This was a real picture! We still have ut. What a great keepsake

Is this something the characters still do? I thought it might be nice to get one for my sister next time since she's a real Chip and Dale fan :)
I'll add one:

On my last trip I had a talking Austin Powers keychain on my bag(to make it easy to find).CM's in UK at Epcot made little jokes to me about it.(usually along the lines of Austin being on home turf:) ) If you have something like that take it

Thank you so much for this thread it took me awhile to find it but it was well worth it. We are going in Dec and I already have 48 pages of tips and hints! Thanks~:Pinkbounc
WONDERFUL THREAD! I have read EVERY entry and learned some that I didn't know. Every WDW trip is different. Took 8 trips before we discovered DQ. The bumper cars (ranger spin) on the top floor were my favorite there. Another little known area to visit is the ADVENTURER'S CLUB. It has a unique Disney-filled theme. If ya'll haven't been--make a trip!

I love this thread. I have done so much copy and paste. I am taking a list with me to Disneyworld. Thanks for starting this post and bringing old posts back into it.
Gina :D
I was on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride last Sept and discovered this by accident. Just before we went under one of the bridges, I kept my eye on a bald pirate who was close to the water, on the left side. I think he was singing the Yo Ho song, but I don't remember for sure. Just before our boat went under the bridge, he turned his head toward our boat and winked at me! Freaked me out because I totally didn't expect that. I turned to my mom and sis and said, "Did you just see that?" But by that time, our boat went under the little bridge and the bald pirate was impossible to see anymore.

Was wondering if anyone else ever noticed that?
TOTALLY Awesome information!!! Thanks. We're going next summer and I'm doing as much research as I can so it is the totally best week ever!!!

Thanks:) :smooth:
At Disney's All-star Music resort, you will series of musical notes scattered around the lobby.

These musical notes represent a favorite Disney tune - When you wish upon a star!
Not sure if this has been said or not, but this is a really cool deal---- On the riverboat at Liberty Square in MK, get there a little before loading and ask the CM if you/your children can be the "Captain" for that trip. If no one else has asked, you get to go up to the "steering wheel" with the capain. The kids get to "Steer" the boat. (my kids thought they really were steering, and the captain was giving them hints about steering, turning and not crashing.) It was really neat. They rang the bell, too. Then, at the end of the ride, the children were given certificates saying they had been honorary captains of the riverboat.!!!!!!:D
What wonderful tips! I'm cutting and pasting them in my wordpad for our trip in February.


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