Secret: Turn the key and watch the witch


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May 14, 2001
A HUGE THANK YOU to whomever posted this secret! We loved it! We stood outside the Villians shop about five minutes before it opened to get in. When we finally did, we had our five year old nephew turn the key, and didn't tell him what to expect. He jumped with gleeeeeeeee! It was the BEST!!!!!!! I got the whole thing on video and it is so fun!!!

Plus, there were people who wandered into the shop behind us got the biggest surprise!

Thanks again to all the folks on these boards for this, and so many other tips!!
<font color=navy>I love all the little things Disney does. I'm glad it turned out so well for you. :)
You can touch the brass apple over the brass book as you go into the Snow White ride and something neat will happen, too.

ok what happens when you turn the key?

and i did the apple but forgot what happened....can someone remind me?
What is this special key? Where can I find it, and what is the great surprise!?!?! I'd love to be able to have my kids do/see something unexpected while we are there!!!! :p
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In Fantasyland, they have a few cool things.

In the Villain's shop, located to the right of the castle as you enter Fantasyland, there is a cage hanging that has a witch in it. There is a big key (I think it's a skeleton key) in the lock of the cage. Turn the key and something will happen.

At the entrance to Snow White's Scary Adventures, there is a brass apple sitting there. Touch the apple, and something will happen. Also, be sure to look up at the window above SNSA, and you're sure to see someone peering down from the curtains.


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