School's "suppose" to go back 1 wk from today


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Apr 28, 2001
but the town is keeping us all in suspense. We have heard rumors that the new hs is not yet ready, that there will be double sessions at the old hs - hs in the morn, middle sch (DS) in the afternoon.
We have heard that school will start 2 days late up to 10 days late.
Ahhhh -how are kids suppose to get themselves in the "school" mindframe when their parents cant even tell them when school starts?! And when the heck are they planning on letting us know?!
I remember one year many moons ago when I entered jr high we had to share with all of the high school because the school was not ready, took about 3 months. They had 7th - 12th grade together and it was packed. I hated it.
I hate being kept in suspense!! Almost as much as my daughter. This would make her head pop off!

I hope it works out SOON for you!!!!
YIKES! I remember in grade school, our class was combined with another class as they awaited the construction of their new school. Classes were packed and getting a seat in the lunch room was near impossible. I ended up going to the overflor room in the gymnasium and eating on the floor :rolleyes:

Best of luck. Really hope they finish that school soon!
I feel bad for the working parents of your community.

It's such a pain to line up sitting when you don't know exactly what days you'll need it.
Have you called the school yet to ask them when school will start? I hope you're not relying on rumors at this point.
Last year my school started 2 weeks late.....this year there's rumors it might happen AGAIN. I know how you feel!
still no word yet Huh !! How very fustrating for you and Johnathan ! well fingers crossed they let you know shortly !
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I must agree with violin boy on this one.
Just call the GD school and ask them!
I called the school 2 days ago. There is a school committee meeting tonight. Teachers will find out Fri what is going on. Parents who the he-- knows!
Well Barb.............looks like we have 2 more weeks off.............we don't go back til Sept 9th..................why don't they just wait til the last what..........:confused: :confused:


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