Saving change


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Dec 26, 1999
I just took our change to the bank.. I had 149.23 Which I'll be dividing up for the kids. 37 for their spending is n't bad...
That is awesome !!! They will have NO problem finding some great stuff to spend it on ;)
I know I could find something or somethings to spend it on..
Too bad I have to give it to the kids. We will bring our change home, and start the saving again..
1 day 11 hours before we leave..
then 327 days!!! until the next one
I am so excited for you. I wish I were going, but alas I have to wait until May. It seems like it takes forever to get here and then poof, it's over like that!!! Have an awesome trip!

Yep, saving change really does add up. We do the same thing and then a few days before the trip we cash it in, its fun to see how much extra spending money we have, it never seems like that much when you first take it in, its always surprising when its more than you first guessed. Its a good way to save for extra stuff for the trip.
Sounds good to me! Maybe I need to start a change jar for me to spend!:D
We have our vacation change jug. Eveyday we empy our pockets into the vacation change jug. The change gets divided between the 3 kids for their spending money.
Last year I decided to only toss in the silver coins. (Pennies don't add up that quickly).
We had over 310.00 in the jug! Before they caught on, I handed them each 70.00 for spending money. That was plenty! and they were happy.
Only 10 more days until our next Disney trip. I better start counting the vacation jug!! I wonder how much is in there this year???

Wow, what a great total! Congratulations! :)
Those plastic tubs the Disney popcorn comes in are great for saving change. Use quarters, they add up much faster.
Have a great trip we have 7 days to go. We've been saving are change and it's up to 512.33 not bad. We are doing character breakfast and lots of spending money for the kids.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
It always helps me to wrap it as soon as I have enough, and stack away until the week before our trip when I take it to the bank for an exchange


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