Roy, Eisner and......Destino

Mr D

Dec 24, 2000
Read about this from The Orlando Sentinel
Registration may be needed to see this unique story of a film started 60 years ago by Walt himself, unfinished and forgotten until Roy secretly finished the short animation film under a $1.5 million budget, and now its been nominated for an Oscar award.

But the real story is yet to be seen or more appropiately heard when if Roy recieves the award what he may say publicly about Eisner in the acceptance speech, on prime time and on ABC.

This is gonna be good....I hope its a big of an expose of Eisner as the halftime Superbowl ruckus!;)


DIS Veteran
Aug 20, 2002
Hopefully, Roy will recognize the decorum of the moment and leave the infighting for the boardroom. He's there, after all, to celebrate the achievements of Walt and Dali -- it would be a shame for them to be overshadowed by comments about Eisner or anyone else.

However ... there's always that ABC delay .....



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