Room size and levels of service- Which resort for your family?

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    We recently returned from a 10 day trip to DW. We stayed at the All Star Sports resort as we received a great deal on the room (comparatively speaking) and opted for more time vs. money spent on a room. Because of our last experience, we have decided to forgo any last minute deals regarding "All star" resorts. The rooms are really not very well maintained and the facilities are simply old and inadequate especially at the rates charged. We have stayed in all of the All Star resorts and really never had a problem with service before this trip. It's something new and I hope not indicative of any trend. These rooms were also a bit on the small side which wasn't a problem when the kids were younger but now that they are in College, we could use a little more room. Certainly the room size is decidedly NOT DW fault. The fact that they can't seem to clean a room one time in 10 days IS.

    Anyway, we like to stay on site to take advantage of the extra magic hours and convenience. On our next trip we'll be renting a car because of our last experience with buses and it allows us to expand our choices in as far as food and soft drinks are concerned. But I digress, this isn't meant to be a whiny thread.

    In your experience which resort offers the best bang for the buck in as far as service, room size and convenience? We actually visited several resorts and have ruled out the Contemporary and the Grand Floridian as they really aren't our style. We were actually considering Coronado springs or the Swan and Dolphin. When we visited the Swan and Dolphin we were actually offered discounts on the spot, so I'm really leaning toward them. Any recommendations?

    Thanks very much:cool1:

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    You should probably post this on the forum for Disney Resorts. You put it under the off-site forum.

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