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Discussion in 'Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) Museum' started by amnb23, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. amnb23

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    Apr 25, 2007
    This is the first time I will be around to be part of the room judging decorating contest and I had a few questions that I was hoping someone might be able to answer.

    What does it seem that they look for in the room judging? Do they like "less is more" or lots of stuff and every space covered with something? Do they prefer one room or rooms connected?

    Is there anthing people should stay away from doing?

    Obviously I am sure no one can know EVERY detail about what they like/don't like but maybe some hints or tips about how things have worked out in the past or maybe about past winner and why they know or "think" they won?

    Any types of advice or comments appreciated!
  2. hdmonkeybug

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    Mar 25, 2006
    In the past these competitions have been ride competitions and they have been a few rooms connected, but this time it is not a ride competition and they will only be judging one room, so you do not need to make more than one - they will only look at one of them. This type of competition is new to all of us. The first couple of contests that they had were team building competitions, where you registered many people as a team and then all worked together to connect your rooms using a continuous ride. The last one was an individual ride contest, which I believe was limited to three rooms each. As for whether they look for rooms full of stuff or if they like less, I think that depends on the theme and how well its put together and the continuity of your theme. If you just throw stuff in to fill the room, it probably won't help, but if it all goes well with your theme and room plan - go for it. No one really knows what they will be looking for - it seems to be different each time and judging depends on which staff member judges your room and what they like.
  3. PurpleDuck

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    Aug 3, 2005
    Just to enhance here, there is no set way to know what the individual judge will be looking for. We all hope there are some guidelines for judges to follow, but we have all seen that that does not always get followed. So there really is no right or wrong way to go about it.

    Just as a FYI Monkey, there were several contests, maybe prior to your starting VMK, that were not rides, and were not for teams. A couple of examples would be the "Celebration" room designing contest very early into VMK's existance, and also a "Pin Trading" room design contest. These were long before rides existed and were for individuals, not teams. ;)

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