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Mar 15, 2001
Do you think there is any benefit to being in room 5020 over 5022? 5020 is the first secret porthole room (farthest from elevator and adjoins the Delux Ocean View Stateroom rooms. It does not connect to any room. 5022 is the very next room and is one of those connecting staterooms.

How many people think this is just to trivial a matter to discuss!!!
we stayed in 5020 last year and loved it.(we are staying again there next january too.)the port hole is barely blocked at all.and the room is in a dead end only traffic is from people who are staying'll love 5020.
We will be in 5020 on the Magic in exactly 15 days. I can't believe it's here but I'm sad because we are skipping the parks this year in favor of a second cruise on Voyager of the Seas. I guess it will be alright though, I've already started planning next February's trip to WDW and Cancun!
From what I can tell on the website,, there isn't much difference in the view you get but some of the comments on this board regarding adjoining rooms seem to indicate that they are a little noisy. If you aren't with the family in cabin 5024, you might find it slightly noisier than cabin 5020. We were lucky enough to book cabin 5520 for our Sept. cruise and we're really excited. If you want to see what the views are, go to (extremely informative site) and they have a picture of the 6 "secret" porthole cabins.

Having had the adjoining cabins (5022 & 5024) on a previous cruise I can tell you that the further forward you go the less obstruction to the view out the porthole. So, 5020 would be the least obstructed of the secret porthole rooms on the port side.

Also if I didn't need two cabins I'd go for the non-connecting room over the connector any day.

Have fun planning!



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