Rock-N Roller Coaster Wait Times


DIS Veteran
Nov 23, 2013
Planning on going to Hollywood Studios During Star Wars Weekend late May. What would be the estimate wait time for Rock-N Roller Coaster between 7:30 and 8:00Pm?
I would plan for at least 30 min. It's one of the most popular attractions there
This ride and ToT are always a crap shoot. We've gone at Christmas and summer most of the time. There have been nights where you can get off and walk right back on and others that are 15-45 stand by. Doesn't seem to make since to me.

According to the Touring Plans estimates for Saturday, May 23, the wait time at RNRC at 8 PM should be about 60 minutes. That doesn't sound surprising. If you are willing and able to use the single rider line you might have a shorter wait. TP estimates it at 15 minutes, but that seems low to me for a standby wait of 60 minutes. In our experience, the single rider line at RNRC moves a lot more slowly than the ones at EE and, especially, TT, where the ride vehicle configuration opens up more spaces for single riders.


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