Rise of the Resistance BOARDING GROUPS Superthread Part 2 *No Ride Spoilers Please* *PLEASE READ POSTS 1-3*


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Jul 8, 2013
Welcome to Part 2 of the Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland Park Superthread. Please take the time to read the below FAQ, @HydroGuy's how to guide in post 3, and familiarize yourself with The Chart in post 2.

Part 1 may be found here.


How do I join a boarding group?
  • You must first enter Disneyland Park to join a boarding group. You do not have to stay inside Disneyland once you are scanned in. You can hop over to DCA or head into Downtown Disney or even return to your hotel. Please note that the Monorail entrance is not usually advisable for use as it typically does not open until the park officially opens. People have reported using the Monorail entrance when it was open before official park opening, but this is not something to depend upon.
  • Boarding Groups are joined via the Disneyland App at official park opening (OPO) or at a FP machine at Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters or Splash Mountain
  • To join via the Disneyland App you must scan your own park admission as well as that of all other members of your party into the app. All members of your party must first be scanned into Disneyland. You can have all members of your Boarding Group party scanned and signed into one account on multiple smartphones OR all members can be scanned into multiple accounts on multiple phones. After the first person in your group gets a BG, all other people in your group will get a message that they are already in a BG.
  • For those who have problems unlinking tickets and APs from their app: First try tapping the 3 lines on the bottom right of the app, select “Tickets and passes” and delete the desired tickets or passes. If this doesn't work, go to City Hall or Chamber of Commerce to ask CMs for help or (if not in the parks) call the App Support Line (714)520-6222 OR the AP Hotline (714)781-7277
  • Why unlinking unnecessary tickets and APs from your app matters: From @ironband74 : You don't "get" anything until you have selected your party and click the second "Join Boarding Group" button. It doesn't hold a spot for you while you select your party - no communication with the server occurs until that second button gets tapped. At that point it sends the ticket/pass numbers to the server and processes them and hopefully returns your BG number to you. This is why it is helpful to not have extra tickets in the app - seconds can make the difference between a low and high number, a regular and a backup, or a backup and nothing...
  • As of 3/03/20: the recent app update has dealt with the problem of pre-paid parking and extra event tickets (e.g. After Dark events) which were showing up in the app and were having to be unlinked from boarding parties. If you have updated your app and have pre-paid parking or extra event tickets scanned into your app, these should not be showing up as tickets scanned into DL for a boarding group.
  • When your BG is called, you will be given a return window. The return window times can vary -- they are not all the same! Currently, as of 3/05/20, return windows can vary from 1 hour to 2 hour return times. Make sure to Check Your Window!
  • From @Syndrome (in case the ride breaks down and you miss your return window) : Just one word of warning .......if you go past your BG # calling , it will disappear , so TAKE SCREEN SHOTS OF YOUR BOARDING GROUP #’S !
For Those Who Need a Visual Guide on Joining a Boarding Group:
Star Wars Rise of Resistance Disneyland Strategy Guide - Disney Tourist Blog

What is a Backup Boarding group?
  • These boarding groups are only called if there is still time/capacity to ride and are not guaranteed to get on.
How is the DAS accommodated?
  • You must first obtain a Boarding Group. Then request a DAS return time at any Information Kiosk. When your boarding group is called please let the CM know you have a DAS and they will send you down the FP queue. The DAS/FP queue joins the main queue before the first pre-show.
  • From @DisKitten: (as of President's Day Weekend) Regarding the DAS: When your boarding group is called, you go to the Plaid Shirt cast members near the ride entrance. They will issue you a 0 minute DAS return time for Rise of the Resistance. You will then go to the normal entrance where they will scan your boarding group barcode twice, once for the boarding group and once for the DAS. They will then direct you to the alternate queue instead of the line. We waited approximately 2-3 minutes in the alternate queue.
    ***If you have an existing DAS return time when your boarding group is called, the cast member will convert that DAS return time to an open ended FastPass (for the same ride) so that they can issue the DAS return time for Rise of the Resistance. -OR- YMMV
  • From @matthewthompson87 : 1) Get a BG. 2) When BG is called, if you are using DAS, go to any Guest Relations location to obtain a DAs return time. 3) Return to ride entrance after DAS return time is up. 4) You’ll then be directed to the FastPass queue. 5) Advise CM inside the building if you need any further special assistance. There are reports of Guest Relations CMs at RotR entrance being able to issue Return Times there. (The GR CM that was there on 2/2 was not able to...)
Is there Rider Switch?
  • Yes, however everyone who wishes to ride must obtain a Boarding Group. When your boarding group is called please let the CM know you need a Rider Switch pass.
  • From @naoboo: A cast member will check your pass and send you on in Another cast member directs people with BGs to left, and people who need to get or are redeeming a rider swap to the right To get a rider swap, the CM will scan the ticket of those staying behind, plus any who will ride with them If three people are staying behind, only those three will be let on with a rider swap pass. If one person is left behind, two people who already rode it can go with them To redeem a rider swap pass, the group will go back to the right and the passes will be scanned off your phone app like a fast pass
For Plus Size Guests:
  • From @Astylla: From a Facebook group called Disney for Plus Sized Guests where they talk about experience with the ride vehicles -- Overall the consensus has been some people have mentioned that if they are a female size 26/28 or above or have larger hips then getting into the actual ride car [might be an issue] but otherwise it's been fine. There is reportedly a ride vehicle that has an extra wide opening for those who need extra assistance and to inquire with the very last CM if needed. Seat belts have not been a concern just the molded seats.
What time should I get to the DL front gates?
  • If you want to be in the front of the lines for the entry gates, we recommend allowing 1-1.5 hours before OPO to go through bag check and to get in line. This also applies to days with EMH/MM -- try to be at the gates 1-1.5 hours before EMH/MM starts in order to go through bag check and be in the front of the lines at the gate. Allowing less time will put you further back in the lines and might require more time to get through bag check.
  • It has been reported that bag check on the DLH side opens at 6 am. (3/09/20)
When does parking open?
  • Mickey and Friends Structure, Pixar Pals Structure, and the Toy Story Lot all open 90 minutes before official park opening time (30 minutes before Magic Mornings on Tue/Thur/Sat)
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Nov 26, 2018
Luminous beings are we. Not this crude CHART:

Chart V2 P1.PNGChart V2 P2.PNG
Chart V2 P3.PNG

Post Shutdown Chart begins

(Special thanks to @dina444444 for maintaining the chart up through 02/23)

Changes to the post-shutdown chart:
  • Turnstile information has been removed since entering the park is no longer needed
  • Backup group information has been removed since there does not appear to be a demarcation between regular and backup groups
  • Information with regard to morning and noon distribution of boarding groups has been added.
  • Time to fill BGs is rounded up to the nearest observed 15 second time frame.

The below applies to the chart through March 14 2020:

Note that I have made a few changes to the chart, noteably:
  • Join BG open column removed because it is redundant with park open
  • First and Last BG Called Times added
  • "Operating Hours" changed to Park Op Hours
  • Attraction Operating Hours ("Att Op Hours") column added. This is typically considered to be the time between the first and last group called plus one hour (since the last group has one hour to return) In cases like February 19 where the last group was called at 5:25pm but folks waited in line to ride until after 8, a note will be added and the operating hours adjusted accordingly. The original chart followed the DHS format, but DHS has much more regular park hours than DL does. The irregular hours were throwing off the BG/hr calc and making it hard to compare numbers. This is an attempt to rectify that.
  • Headers added to each new "page" to make it easier to trace which column is which. There are a lot of numbers...
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"How To" Guide For Riding Rise of the Resistance at DL

Last updated Feb 28, 2019


This second thread and the previous ROTR thread currently have over 6,000 posts over the last 8 weeks and I have read every single post. If you read each one of them you know everything about the "How To" for ROTR. But that info is mostly spread out over the entire previous thread and this one. And people keep asking "I am new here and please just tell me what to do". So I created this post to consolidate all the current and excellent "how to" advice in these threads into one place. See the FAQ in the OP post #1 above for more info.

Some acronyms used here:

BG - Boarding Group (a place in a virtual queue for ROTR)
DL - Disneyland park
DCA - Disney California Adventure
EMH - Extra Magic Hour (early entry for Disney hotel guests)
FOM - Find Out More (the button in the DLR app home page that you need to click to start the BG process)
JBG - Join Boarding Group (buttons in the DLR app you need to click to join a BG - there are two places where JBG shows)
MM - Magic Morning (early entry for some DL guests with 3 day tickets)
MP - MaxPass
OPO - Official Park Opening (the time the park officially opens that day to everyone - 8AM, 9AM or 10AM - MM or EMH do not count)
ROTR - Rise of the Resistance (the new ride at DL)


1. You have to get a Boarding Group (BG) to ride ROTR

ROTR does not have a standby line. You cannot just show up and wait in line. As of today, the only way to ride ROTR is to get in a virtual queue by way of what Disney calls a "boarding group". You get into a BG using the DLR app on your smartphone.

There are two types of BGs - Regular and Backup. The Regular BGs are the first ones to ride and are essentially guaranteed a ride that day. The Backup BGs get to ride if the ride performance is good that day and their group gets called.

Looking at excellent daily worksheet started by @dina444444 and now maintained by @ironband74 in Post #2 above, there are typically 70-80 Regular BGs each day. No one knows for sure how many people are in each BG, but it is believed to be 75-100. On good days as many as 140 BGs get to ride. So usually a substantial number of Backup BGs get to ride. The chart shows how many.

BGs do not have assigned time slots upon receipt. They are just a place in the virtual queue. When your BG is ready to board, Disney will push a notification to you on your phone through the DLR app. You will have a 1-2 hour window in which to return to ROTR in order to ride it. The length of the window varies by day but it is 2 hours usually.

Read this Strategy Guide for more on this: https://www.disneytouristblog.com/star-wars-rise-resistance-disneyland-strategy-guide/

2. Arrive early - REALLY early

It can vary day to day, but it is a good idea to plan to arrive at the DLR security line at least one hour before the park officially opens (OPO). 75 minutes before is a safer bet though. If you are parking a car, plan accordingly and arrive even earlier.

Since opening on Jan 17, 2020, the BGs have been running out most days within 60 seconds of OPO. On some days even faster. Backup groups last anywhere from one additional minute to over an entire hour on less busy days. See in Post #2 above.

You have to get inside the DL park, with your park tickets scanned, and everyone in your party present, before the DL park officially opens (OPO).

You do not have to remain inside the DL park to get a BG. You can scan into the park, then leave - to DTD, DCA, the Esplanade, your hotel or anywhere outside DLR.

The lines to get into DL each morning have been scary long. Like nothing many of us have ever seen. They move pretty fast, but if you show up too late, even if you arrive before the DL OPO, you will not be able to get a BG unless you make it inside DL by the time of OPO.

DL allows people to enter the park anywhere from 30-50 minutes before OPO. Sometimes they are held on Main Street, or the Hub, or allowed into the park. Usually you cannot ride rides during this early time. You just can position yourself for OPO.

3. Have the latest DLR app downloaded to your smart phone before arriving

That is self-explanatory.

4. Have everyone's park tickets or APs linked to your account before arriving

Since you only have about 60 seconds from OPO, you cannot afford any delays in getting a BG. Do this before. For anyone you want to ride with that day, have their park ticket or AP linked to your account. It will make things go faster.

5. Delete links to tickets or APs in your DLR app for people not riding with you that day - if at all possible

The fastest way to get a BG is to use the default selection of "all linked tickets". If you have to take time to Unselect certain people's tickets that will waste precious time. And can be the difference between failure and success at getting a BG.

6. Close all other apps on your smart phone

You want to only have the DLR app running so it will be as fast as possible. This helps you do that.

7. Close the DLR app before OPO then re-open it fresh soon before OPO

This helps clear the cache and makes the app respond more quickly.

8. Use an accurate clock with a second hand - Apple Watch, or Atomic Clock app or similar

You want to try for a BG immediately when OPO starts

9. Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth on your smartphone

DL Wifi tends to be slow and you do not want your phone using that. Make sure your phone is only using your cell carrier.

10. Don't try to get a BG before OPO

If you try and push the "Find Out More" button to get a BG before OPO, it can lock up the BG process on the app thus forcing you to close the app and have to reload it. This wastes precious time. Wait until OPO to push the "Find Out More" button.

On some phones (iPhones seem to handle this better) you can push the "Find Out More" and get to the "My Status" page. If you do this, wait there until OPO and push My Status at OPO. This can give you a head start on others since you have already gone past the first page before others have. Again, this seems to work with iPhones but is riskier with Androids.

11. Once inside DL, or if you choose to leave the park, find a place away from other people - and check the speed of your phone using an app

It is not enough to have good coverage using the bars showing signal strength. There will be thousands of people trying to get BGs at once and you want your phone to be faster. This is like a funnel to the cell service provider, with everyone hitting the same cell towers.

By moving around inside DL (or outside) it can dramatically affect the speed of your phone and increase your chance of getting a BG. Certain cell service providers tend to have certain areas of the park where their speed is faster.

Look for a place where your Ping speed is as low as possible (low Ping speed means it is faster).

12. Work as a team - have everyone in your group try to get a BG at the same time

Other people can either log into your DLR account on their phones, or log into their own accounts assuming that all tickets are linked. It does not seem to matter which way you do it.

It is OK to have everyone in your group trying for a BG at once. If someone gets a BG for your group, and you are not aware yet, and try yourself, you will be told you already have a BG. You will not be penalized if multiple people get to the Join BG phase. Only one of you will succeed. So have everyone try.

13. Test that the app knows for sure that everyone in your group has scanned into DL that day - use MaxPass for this

It is possible that even though everyone in your group has scanned into DL, the app can make a mistake and think one or more people are not in the park. If that happens, the app will not let you get a BG with that person in your group. So everyone in your group will fail to get a BG because just a single person in your group is mistakenly believed to not be in the park.

The easiest way to test this is to use MaxPass before OPO. DLR lets you get FPs using MP before OPO. So take advantage of that fact. Get a MP for everyone in your group before OPO. If you can do that, then the app knows your whole group has scanned in that day and you can get a BG for all those people.

If not, try and get to a Guest Services location (or Town Hall) before OPO and have them fix this. If you do not have time to do this before OPO, then your best bet is to try and get BGs for everyone in your group who the app thinks are in the park. In other words, exclude from your group members who the app mistakenly thinks are not in the park when trying for a BG. If possible, take screen shots on your phone showing how group members in the park were mistakenly identified as not being in the park - use MaxPass for this, if possible. Then, after you get your BG, go to Guest Services and/or Town Hall and explain what happened. No guarantees, and you may need to wait awhile in line, but you may be able to get your missing members added to your BG. Having screen shots will improve your chances.

14. Bring old, unused cell phones with you to increase your chances

If you have an old cell phone which can use Wifi, follow all the above advice by getting the latest DLR app downloaded onto that old phone. Log into your DLR app account. Set that phone to use DLR Wifi. And use it to try and get a BG. Some people have gotten BGs using Wifi even though it is not the most reliable approach.

15. Use "high performance mode" on Androids

Apparently this is a setting on Androids that will speed them up. Use this if you can.

16. Practice at home before coming to DLR

You can do this whole process at home, away from the crowds, before your big day. The only thing you cannot do is actually join a BG. But you can see how the process works.

17. Have remote friends and family help you get a BG

This is an extension of #12 above. If you let someone you trust know your account name and password, they can log into your account from anywhere in the world and help you get a BG. The DLR app thinks it is you. And since they are remote, they will not be competing for cell phone bandwidth with everyone in the park.

18. Can I get a BG during MM or EMH?

No. BGs are not available until OPO. Period.

19. Can I use my MM or EMH to my advantage somehow?

Yes. Even though you cannot get a BG during MM or EMH, you can get into the park before anyone else (1+ hour early). This will let you settle down, ride some rides (if you want - it is MM or EMH after all) but also position yourself for the BG process at OPO.

There are dedicated queues at the DL entrance turnstiles for MM and EMH. Only you can use these turnstiles. Others without MM/EMH must wait in other turnstile queues.

20. What if I have an early breakfast reservation inside DL park before Official Park Opening (OPO)

Same as #19 MM or EMH. This can help you.

21. My friend or family member will be late - can I get them scanned into DL without them there so I can get them in my same BG?

No. A thousand times, no. Everyone has to be there physically and scan into DL before OPO.

22. Can I get a BG at a FP kiosk?

Yes, but you have to be super early and dedicate yourself. You can do this at the BLAB and Splash Mtn FP kiosks. But remember, the BGs run out in 60 seconds. So you have to be the first or almost the first at the kiosk.

You also can do this in parallel with the smart phone approach for BG. Work the phone while you try to get to a kiosk.

See https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-286#post-61581423

23. A list of helpful posts in the current and previous Superthreads which I have bookmarked FWIW

Refreshing/Non-refreshing Boarding Status page when using iPhones
A family of iPhone users who implemented all the advice in this thread (plus some things they invented) over 3 days: https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-part-2-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3794369/page-2#post-61617095

Ping speed checks: https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-part-1-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-4.3784461/page-312#post-61603781

Bad and good experiences using an Android phone: https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-part-1-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-4.3784461/page-307#post-61596981

Atomic clock advice: https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-273#post-61568829

Androids vs iPhones and clicking on DLR app too soon: https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-241#post-61551269

Locations in parks that have been good for getting BGs: https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-229#post-61542912

A DISer's end-to-end experience getting a BG with a large family working together (staying at GCH): https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-228#post-61541086

Handling other park reservations which conflict with BG times: https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-203#post-61521631

Locating cell towers nearby: https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-197#post-61517062

Android "high performance mode": https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-196#post-61517033

Successful strategy used by a DISer multiple times: https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-181#post-61506892

Differences in app behavior for Androids and iPhones: https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-155#post-61490333

Closing then re-opening the DLR app right before OPO: https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-155#post-61490011

Official time clock apps, Androids and iPhones, and precise timing: https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-154#post-61489964

Androids and iPhones: https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-138#post-61481540


Turning off "Background App Refresh": https://www.disboards.com/threads/rise-of-the-resistance-boarding-groups-superthread-no-ride-spoilers-please-please-read-posts-1-3.3784461/page-110#post-61467660
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Nov 26, 2018
We haven't started boarding yet. Meanwhile DHS started strong but is now into a 40 minute downtime. If DHS comes back up in the next 20 minutes and we don't start loading soon, I'm going to say we've got the "B" team for the weekend.
  • ironband74

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    Nov 26, 2018
    Well, DHS is back up after a 50 minute downtime. And we're still not loading.

    I'm going to say that the "A" team went to DHS and did their overnight and is handling their repairs today and through the weekend. Hopefully our "B" team learned a thing or two over the last few days.
  • KPeterso

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    Jul 26, 2004
    I have made my way over here. Planning to go again tomorrow. So another super busy weekend to be there. And then next Friday, i am off to WDW and will be trying for a boarding group there next Saturday!


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    Jan 11, 2018
    Also, I think I found the impetus for the "single phone rule", but to me this reads more like guidelines...

    View attachment 477461
    code guidelines.gif
    I read that as "you may get different boarding groups if you're not all linked" not as only use one phone or you'll get an error. Especially so since the disclaimer appears under the how to link tickets to the app tab.


    Earning My Ears
    Oct 11, 2008
    Haven't posted on these boards for many years but regularly lurk, especially when i have a trip coming up.
    Wanted to give my experience of gaining a boarding group on Wednesday.
    Arrived around 7.15am to a short queue at security, which took around 5 minutes to get through. By the time we join the line outside Disneyland it was just under the monorail, we were in line 17. At 8.10 they began to let people in, a fair few strollers were in our line and were split to go in through the larger gate next to us. By 8.17 we were in the park and made our way up onto the train station and found a bench to wait it out. It quickly began filling up - I found the park to be quite busy this day. My DH has a Moto G7 and I am still on an iphone 5! both on ATT. We pulled some fastpasses as suggested on here and waited. We had all apps closed, I began opening my app at 7.57 as it takes an age to open, DH opened at 7.59. At 8.00 we hit the boarding group button, I got as far as the page that confirms everyone in your party then greyed out which was when my DH had got group 45. I think i was only a few seconds behind him.
    We were in line by 11.20 and off the ride at 12.05, everything seemed to be working apart from 1 thing. Thanks to everyone sharing their experiences, I was pleasantly surprised how stress free I found the process. And the ride is simple amazing!