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    Aug 17, 2010
    Since I just booked another WDW vacation for April, I have been noticing the RFID information on the boards...Are the bracelets out? Or are all of the resorts just doing the old KTTW card with RFID chips? It would be really cool to get those nifty bracelets when we visit in April. We used the "fastpass" RFID cards when we went in September during the pilot test and "booked" our fastpass times. It was really nice, and I enjoyed doing the planning for the attractions ahead of time. :thumbsup2 I realize I won't be able to "plan" the fastpass times, but the bracelet would be really, really neat!
  2. spiceycat

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    Oct 26, 2000
    annual pass holders can trade in at Epcot somewhere (don't remember) during the flower/garden for new ones with the rfid.
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    Jan 18, 2009
    You can take your AP to the Odyssey Building between March 20 and May 19 to convert your tyvek ticket into an RFID pass. Beyond that, no one knows when Disney will rollout the program any further.
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    May 20 actually makes much sense for a rollout, assuming they want a bit of a "ramping up" and not fully confident it will work (which frequent "delays" of the "sometime soon" for rollout suggest, kinks on website/app confirm, and lack of any specific announcement, etc). They can finish spring break/easter craziness, flower and garden will be done or nearly so, first star wars weekend will be done (so they have some idea what those crowds will be like), and special olympics will have just finished at disney (i could envision all sorts of worst-case public relations nightmares if large-scale implementation was not seamless for that event). They are probably looking for elusive "perfect time" based on fact that even if goes perfectly, it will be a bit confusing for awhile, even moreso for general public who does not have wdw down to a science like many on this board. And also to minimize impact if not go perfectly and give some time to work out kinks.

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