Restaurants in LV? (I know... a bit off topic...)


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Feb 28, 2007
There is also a Smashburger at Fashion Show LV. Right now online there is a $5 off $5 at Smashburger coupon floating around. Google and you shall find. ;)

:thumbsup2 I need to find this. I've always wanted to try Smashburger and I'm all about the coupons.


See you at Fenton's
Dec 10, 2003
I really can't recommend The Peppermill enough it is a Las Vegas staple on the strip, it is a favorite of the performers to visit after their shows. Very cool vibe there and good food.
Visited LV recently and ate at The Peppermill for the first time. Loved it! Echoing above, it's a very comfortable/relaxing place and very good food. I'd like to go there real late to see who might walk in the door. Open 24 hours.


Loosing Boo Boo
Sep 20, 2009
I am going to check out a restaurant called Capos , it gangster style. Suppose to have live music. I can't wait.


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