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Jan 30, 2001
Ok, I've read lots about which loops are good. But what I am wondering is will they reserve a specific loop or try to get you into one of your loops of choice? I didn't know if I could ask to be put in loop xxx or yyy or will they only take I want a preferred loop as a request. Also, how good are they at meeting requests? Thanks.

From what I was told, it is first come first serve basis. I had requested loop 100 or 200 in Sept. 1999 for a ressie in Feb 2000 and I did not get it! We had loop 700, which was very nice. My main concern was to be within walking distance to the marina due to health concerns. We were within a 2 min. walk so I really had no complaints.

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They will try to honor your request, we have been lucky most of the time, we usually get what we ask for, we usually like to request a specific site (1432) and they usually get us pretty close if its not available,

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We have never had a problem with have our requests met at FW. We always stay in the 400 loop and for the past 4 years have had the same site!

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I would say 9 out of the 10 times I have stayed there I have gotten the loop that I requested. And, about 50% of the time I usually get the exact site I req., especially if it's a slower time of the year. I make my req. as soon as I book my reservation and I try to get there right at check in or an hour after.

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