RESALE vs direct


Jan 30, 2014
Benefits on going resale saving thousands!
Negatives not getting the so called perks which aren't much to write home about.


DIS Veteran
Jul 22, 2011
- you get a few perks, the main one is the discount on the AP. They also do some special parties during the year and you get 20% merchandising discount. The problem with buying for the perks is that they are not guaranteed at all. They could change or be removed at any time and DVC has a new VP, so she might decide the perks are not really a good idea and cut them all or she could remove those you might be interested in and add others you cannot use.
- it's easier and quick if you want to purchase the resort they're currently selling (Copper Creek and Aulani); some sold out resorts might require a waitlist or cannot be purchased at all
- you get a tote bag if you purchase while at WDW

- it's cheaper

It's up to you to decide if the cost difference is worth the extra perks you get direct, common knowledge is that it's not. A possible alternative is to buy the bulk of your points resale and then add 75 direct, which is the minimum amount required for the perks. You should buy resale first, because it's easier to match the direct contract with the UY you bought resale, the other way around would limit you in which contracts you can buy.

Shelly F - Ohio

Disney Extraordinaire
Feb 22, 2004
I would do resale and save yourself some money. We did resale and love it. You get discount AP tickets and room discounts as well


DIS Veteran
Dec 22, 2015
I have both.
As a UK owner, I've never been to a party (never been there when one is on) and this trip I'm taking 10% off at table service restaurants and I'll save 20% on a mug or TShirt.
I'll also have one trip into Epcot Lounge (expected to go soon as they revamp Epcot and take the empty building back).
The modest perks I can use may be removed any time.
I'd rather save thousands.
In fact I'd rather buy SSR resale, buy twice the points, and that means I can generally stay anywhere booking a 1 bed at 7 months as the availability for 1 beds is much better. That strategy worked a treat.


DIS Veteran
Aug 15, 2012
We have both. Bought a largish resale contract, then a small 25 point direct one (before they put the minimum up. To 75 point), for the perks. We’ve already used our direct contract to book a DVC wine tasting event, Moonlight Magic and a couple of other things. Not sure if I’d do it now with it being 75 point minimum, but I’m pleased we did a direct one for 25.


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