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  1. lilboo

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    Jun 4, 2002
    I've searched various threads on the DIS but I can't seem to find any info specifically about renting sailboats at the WDW marinas.

    What types of crafts do they have-catamarans?, sunfish?-and what are the rental restrictions and rates?

    I'm interested in the Unlimited Plan and would love to know if acces to sailboats was also included. (Some threads on the Unlimited Plan seem to suggest that only pontoons, mice and bikes were included with this plan-I'm assuming sails and canoes would also be included-maybe?)

    Can anyone help?
  2. Janet2k

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    Jul 26, 2000
    I posted this in another thread, but thought I would post this here, too, in case you missed it. Here is the link to the official WDW website regarding water sport recreation: click here.

    - - - - - - -
    Marina Rentals

    General Information Motorized and non-motorized craft available for rent. Mercury Marine WaterMouse boats, sailboats, SunTRACKER pontoon boats, canopy boats, pedal boats, row boats, and canoes are some of the items available at the following Disney Resort Hotels:

    Disney's Beach Club Resort
    Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
    Disney's Contemporary Resort
    Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside
    Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
    Disney's Polynesian Resort
    Disney's Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter
    Disney's Wilderness Lodge
    Disney's Yacht Club Resort
    Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground
    Disney's Old Key West Resort
    Downtown Disney® Marketplace

    Cost Varies.

    Reservations Not required.
    - - - - - - -

    For specific questions, a phone call to WDW-PLAY [1-(407)-939-0754] might be in order. They should be able to give you specific info, especially regarding pricing.
  3. lilboo

    lilboo <font color=red>KISS, KISS!<br><font color=00CCCC>

    Jun 4, 2002
    Thanks Janet2K!

    I did see this reponse in an earlier post but must have overlooked the phone no. incl. at the bottom-I may as well go directly to the source!

    Thanks again.
  4. Lisa P.

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    Aug 27, 1999
    The specific boats available at each resort differs. It's been a couple years since we've rented boats at Disney but here's our experience and impressions.

    Several years ago, only Fort Wilderness had canoes - for use in their canals, not on the lake.

    Not every marina has sailing boats. The best lake for sailing is Bay Lake (between FW, WL and the back of the Contemp). We always preferred renting little sailboats at the Contemp. Bay Lake has the largest central water area (better wind, less shifting) and less motorized boat traffic than Seven Sea Lagoon.

    Seven Seas (Poly & GF marinas) is really fun for water mice, since all the transport boat traffic provides more wakes for skipping. :) Mice rented on Bay Lake can go to Seven Seas via a canal but it's slow and eats into your rental time. Kinda neat to go under the monorail line though.

    Crescent Lake near Epcot (YC marina) is okay for water mice but you don't get up the same speed (narrower waterways, boat transports, etc). The marinas along smaller waterways (PO, OKW, DI) are okay for pontoon exploring, fishing and visits to the lake by DD. Hope this helps. :D

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