Renting DVC Points and Dining Plan Question

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by richs52, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Hello there!

    We are going down for a 5 night trip this May. We will be renting points to stay on property for two nights in May. We will be staying off-site for the remaining three nights. My question is, can we buy the Dining Plan for the two nights that we are staying on-site only? Thanks so much.

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    You can have the dining plan added to your on-site reservation, but it MUST be added before you arrive!

    So, call/PM the DVC member and ask them to add it on for you. You will then pay for it at check-in.

    Your credits will last from the time you check-in to midnight on the day you check-out.
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    Yes you can.
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    Hi yes you can for the nights on-site.

    We just did this. We rented points through a 3rd party(DVC Rental) and added the DxDDP for our 3 nights at the BCV.
    I had to pay the member for the DP but did this trough the rental co.

    Instead of giving out my Credit card # i went to our local Disney store and loaded the exact cost of the DP onto a Disney Gift card and gave the rental co the number on back of the GC which they in turn gave it to the member so they could call in to Disney to add the DP to our reservation.

    All went through within the week and we're all set. I will be bringing the gift card and all correspondence with me just in case.

    Hope it works out for you.

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    ...this post is from 2006.
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