Recovery AP’s (DVC Gold) - need to activate?

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Oct 1, 2001
Hi all,

For our November trip we have “recovery“ AP’s (previous AP’s cancelled after 1st use due to park closure) which have been linked on our MDE for some time. I saw on an earlier thread today that someone with a DVC AP did not have to activate at guest services before entering park (was automatically on their Magic Band).

Curious as to what people’s experiences have been with recovery DVC AP’s. Did you need to activate before first use? If we don’t have to take the time to do that at guest services it would be great!


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Dec 6, 2008
Must be activated at either a Park Ticket Window or Guest Relations Location in order for it to be valid for park entry.

If it's a Gold Pass, it will be converted to the Sorcerer Pass.
If it's a Platinum or Platinum Plus Pass, it will be converted to the Incredi-Pass.
If the recovery pass is the Platinum Plus Pass, the water park add-in will also be included at no cost.

Since all of the old passes included free Photo Downloads, the converted pass will also include that option at no cost.


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Aug 18, 1999
Just activated ours last Thursday. You also get the ticket/card to show for discounts. That can also be used as a ticket if you don't have a magic band or use your phone.