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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Mindibellcm, Jul 22, 2006.

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    Good Morning,
    I think I have finally researched and gotten enough quotes from TA that I have made my decision as to who to book with for our 2007 Sept cruise. But now I need to decide on the travel insurance. We are all in good health over all except my mother. She's in good health but has one rare medical condition. She is on medication for it and that keeps it very well controlled. She hasn't had an episode in nearly 20 years. We cruised in 2004 and had not problems. I just want to make sure I get a policy that will take care of her if something were to happen so she could get back to the states for treatment. How does the pre-existing clauses work with travel insurance. Thanks so much for all your help.
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    When you call and talk to someone at the insurance company make sure that her PEC is covered. I know that cancer is not covered by most companies even if you purchase the insurance within the standard two weeks from deposit that normally covers PEC. The only company that I could find for MIL that would cover her if her cancer prevented the trip was Travel Guard. It was a little more but in the long run was worth it. She did have to cancel the cruise due to needing another round of chemo. The rest of your party should be able to get coverage thru another company however at a lower cost. Some like access america's AAA family plan offers free coverage for children. You have to call them for that quote though...not available on the website. :) Insure my trip is another site that can help you shop & compare.

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