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Aug 4, 2001
Im nearly there with making the BIG step and booking my flight to DIS CON2!! But i was just wondering how you convince your partners that you should go alone to the BEST place on earth????

Any Ideas?



P.S. this is going to be one of many q's re: dis con 2 - be warned!!:D
I pretty much just told him - "I am going alone because it will be mostly convention activities". There is still some grumbling from DD and I expect as it draws nearer from DH as well... but I made sure we have lots of trips together this year too... so no one is really missing out. I know there will be times I will wish DD or DH were with me. It is hard to imagine being at WDW without them. But, I know how distracted and guilty I would feel at convention events - if they were off doing something else... or worse... there and getting bored.
My DW negotiated a trip to either Vegas or Cancun out of me in the spring in exchange for me going to DisCon. I get to go to both so it was a great deal. :D She also was not able to get the time off during the convention.
It's kind of a non-issue with me. FIrst, our boys are older-19, 21 & 23. Two are still in college at DIS-CON time and can't take time off from school. The oldest works full time and doesn't care to use his vacation time for that. We have our own business. It's a hobby shop so December is our prime season, and DH could never take time off then. Actually, he never takes time off from November 1st until Christmas. So I'm the only one that can go. :D :D

I just tell the dog that daddy's going away for awhile and that he's going to go visit his friends at the vet's. ;)
Steve, we call it doggy camp! My DH can't get time off at the holidays either. So My mom went with me. Next year, not sure if I will go alone or with her. I kind of want to go alone, but Mom is so flexible and does not mind if I do stuff on my own with my friends. SO if she wants to go, then I will have someone to split the tab with, otherwise I will travel alone.

If my DH was able to get time off, it would be so much harder. Then he would probably come and I would have less convention fun, more couple stuff. Hmmm, it almost seems as if I am glad he cannot come. And I guess, in a way I AM! :rolleyes: I really liked being able to do the convention activities with everyone without having to worry about whether or not he was having a good time.

(No worries about Mom. She is such a good sport!)
Jody, your mom was great. She ran right along with all of us. Hey, she made it all the way through our wild and crazy MVMCP night. She's A-OK with me!! :D
But, I do know what you mean about bringing along the DH. I would be so concerned that he was having a good time, I wouldn't be able to have as much fun. It's much easier for me to go to DIS-CON solo. :)

Well, I have taken a couple of solo trips to WDW... my husband is not as much of a Disney fan as I am. He wasn't so happy about me going alone, but he wasn't as concerned about me going to an organized meet, where there would be other people. It really helped that he had met some DISers before I went solo, saw that they were not completely wacko... and knew that they would be there as well.
It was kind of a 'touchy' subject with my DD. :eek: :( DH was fine.....he enjoyed staying home with the kids. :) But DD was heart broken that she didn't get to go because one of her dearest friends, Mackenzie (Judy from Boise's DD), was going. :( Now we're having to take a little 'make up' trip in April. ;)

In fact, I would only suggest this to people who can swing it (obviously :rolleyes: ), but I think taking a family trip seperately is a good balance. ;) :)

It's kind of first.....but once you get there and you're surrounded by all of your DIS don't feel 'alone' at all. :)

This is how I said it......"I was wondering if you would consider me going to DIS-Con solo?" And luckily he replied with; "That's exactly what I was going to suggest." :) Good Luck. :)
<font face="comic sans ms"> Well, Emma this is how it went at my house. I sat him down and said, "Honey, I'm thinking about going to Dis-Con solo. What do you thi..........." He was up and packing my stuff and throwing it into the car so fast that I didn't even get to finish my sentence. ;) :p :D I think that taking separate trips is a very nice way to miss each other and appreciate each other. </font>
Mine was a breeze. We actually are separated right now since DIS CON I -that's how much fun I had(only kidding). He hates hot/warm weather if it doesn't involve snow and planks of wood - don't ask.

Actually the hardest part was my family - they had such a great time they kept asking when DIS CON II is. I am still solo we are just going to take a family trip right after Xmas instead.
I just came back from my 4th SOLO trip to the World!:D Unfortunately, it will be my last SOLO trip as DH is retiring and going WITH me In DEC!:eek: I guess he sees I have so much fun that he wants to have some too!;) :D Making ressie plans now, hope to get Sports for Dec. 5th to the 8th!
I NEED a break.

We went as a family in Dec.. going again in March... then again in Oct. I WANT/NEED a solo trip. Dan has agreed that I deserve a break and will take care of Caitlyn while I'm away.

Now I am trying to make it affordable... my AP expires on Dec 1, so I will have to purchase a ticket, event pass, hotel, airfare, food, and extra spending money. Hmm... Maybe I can get Dan to make that my Christmas present.
DH is a Boat Captain, that at times has to make trips to the Bahamas for a week or two at a time,,,,its a JOB ,BUTTTTTTT to him ite heaven,,,,so he does not mind at all when I go on short trips with my friends,,,,he will go with me to WDW when I go ,,but will let me go to meets solo..he is a shy guy anyway so he would not FIT IN lol...I plan to be NOT SHY--well after the first hour or so LOL
I’m using this tactic – my DH needs to go to Germany for a week in April as he is thinking of starting his own business with a friend as they have some contacts there. So it will be at our cost. So my theory is if he can go away without me I can go away without him. Yes, I know that his trip is business but he will be having fun with his mate too and I promise to work
on my Disney knowledge whilst I’m away too!! You can test me if you like!

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