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Discussion in 'Universal Studios Trip Reports' started by needsavacay, Jan 15, 2018.

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    Nov 17, 2017
    Hi everyone! I want to thank y’all for sharing your trip reports. I enjoy reading them so much! Long time lurker here, but I am so excited about our upcoming trip that I had to chime in. My name is Ashley. Other travelers are DH, DS10, and DS8. We are leaving in less than a month! This will be our first real trip to Universal. We added on a few days at Universal to a Disney trip three years ago, and I loved it so much more than Disney, but we wanted to wait to go back until our younger son was tall enough to go on more rides. We live in New Orleans, so we are taking advantage of the kids having the week of Mardi Gras off to go.
    We are staying at RPR in a Jurassic Park kids suite. It looks so cool! I am so excited about having the express passes as well.
    We are big time HP fans! We read all the books together and are currently rewatching all the movies so they will be fresh in our minds. DS10 is actually turning 11 while we are there!!!
    I did make reservations at Trail’s End in Disney for his birthday. The kids and I are vegan, and the head chef there is famous for his vegan creations, so hopefully he is there that night.
    Anyway, nice to meet y’all!
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    Aug 14, 2009
    Hello and welcome to the dark side:D...I am glad you are looking forward to your trip next month. We love Universal and go at least once a year and have a blast. We did the same thing before we went in 2015 with the HP movies. My DD's BF hadn't seen them and it makes such a difference when you walk through and see it. We stay at HRH and CBBR as a split to get the EP cause we go in the summer. This year we are staying at RPR for a week. We are excited to spend time at a new resort.
    It sounds like you will have a great time and that's cool your son's birthday will be when you are there.
    Have a good trip!
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    :welcome: To the darkside!

    With some days being busy in the park, you will get great use with the hotel eps

    If you did not note you are celebrating your sons birthday at uo when you booked, let them know at check in and get the birthday button for him

    I wish you the best vacation ever!

    Be sure to come back here and share your fun you had
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    Yep........:welcome: Ashley..........

    Love a short pre trip report!!!! Your trip is just around the corner.......

    You have picked a fabulous hotel to stay in.......and sounds like you have some lovely plans already made!! You`ll enjoy the new additions since you were last there I`m sure.......and having EP is just the best!

    Looking forward to reading about your plans and your trip!!!
  5. macraven

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    Apr 21, 2003
    Less than two weeks before your vacation!

    We will be here waiting for you after your trip is over and return here
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