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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by miche73ak, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. miche73ak

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    Aug 1, 2001
    Ok I have decided either the Swan or Dolphin. Just a few questions.

    **Are the pools in between the 2 hotels or do they have seperate pools?

    **Does the Dolphin have the heavenly beds?

    **Is one better than the other for kids?

    **If they are both pretty much the same why is there such a price difference?

    **Which one is better?

    I am so relieved to almost have our rooms reserved. My husband thinks I'm nuts he says "just pick a hotel and get it over" Its not that easy. He also said"if its that difficult I will find us a place. Ya right he would have us in a value lodge in the middle of no where to save 5 dollars. Anyways Thank you to everyone that has helped me.
  2. Kathy5

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    Dec 30, 2001
    We were at the Swan last month. My input: I liked the Swan. It is smaller than the Dolphin. However, the hotels share everything, so because the Dolphin is the bigger of the two, it gets the laundry and 24 hour-a-day cafeteria. Don't misunderstand-it was not a problem walking to the Dolphin-one minute at the most-just wanted to let you know. The Swan had a quiet pool, and I believe that the Dolphin did, too. The themed pool is in-between the two. The Swan had the heavenly beds-best mattess I ever slept on. I believe this is a Westin hotel trait, so I'm not sure if the Dolphin had these beds. It's not a Westin hotel. I think that the Dolphin is still in the process of being renovated, which might be the cause of the price difference. I would really visualize these two hotels as one big hotel complex, if that gives you a better idea. Both hotels were great. I would stay at either one. Hope this helps.
  3. swilphil

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    Jun 7, 2003
    Each hotel has a quiet pool, but the Swan's is probably quieter because it is more secluded. The main grotto pool is on the Dolphin side and a bit closer, especially if your room is on the West Wing of the Dolphin.

    The Dolphin is currently renovating, to be done 1st part of 2004. They will have the heavenly beds when they are finished. The longer you wait for your trip, the more likely you will get a renovated room.

    Dolphin is known for being better for the kids because of 24 hour cafeteria, arcade, and ice cream parlor.

    The price difference is mainly because the Dolphin is a Sheraton hotel and the Swan is a Westin, which is a more upscale chain. Both are owned by Starwood. Prices may go up at Dolphin when completely renovated.

    The Swan has had Heavenly Beds for a while. The Dolphin had your basic beds before renovation. Actually Swan beds are queens, while Dolphin beds are about an inch smaller, but still bigger than a standard double bed. The Dolphin has a little more square footage in the standard size room, but the Swan has double sinks.

    I think the lobby in the Dolphin is much more impressive, but either hotel is really great. You can't go wrong with either one. I'd reserve a room ASAP. They are starting to sell out, and do book a lot of conventions, so if you can't get a room now try back. They have a 5-day cancellation policy so BOOK NOW.
  4. Mouseteacher

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    Oct 20, 2002
    If you search for "Blondie", she posted a picture of a newly renovated room at the Dolphin. The bedding is very similar to the Swan.

    I have stayed at both resorts and find both wonderful. I can't choose one over the other. The pools are never overly crowded and finding a lounge is not a problem even at the Grotto pool. This past July trip, I used the Swan quiet pool and each day there was only about 10 people there. So "quiet" aptly described the pool.

    The resorts usually have same rates but the Dolphin will increase when renovations are finished and be the same as the Swan.

    Enjoy your trip and your stay. :)

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