Questions for those who have been on MIB/JP River Adventure


Earning My Ears
Jan 12, 2001
We're leaving for Disney/US/IOA in a couple of weeks and happened to catch the Travel Channel's special this week on US/IOA. I have 3 questions regarding MIB and JP River Adventure rides:

1. Is there a lot of spinning action on the MIB ride? I know that if your "car" get hit a lot by other "shooters" you spin more--but is it uncontrollable spinning or what? I'm afraid that if there's a lot of spinning action by two boys will get sick.

2. Is the drop at the end of the JP River Adventure as terrifying as it looks?!

3. Do you get really wet at the end of River Adventure ride? My husband wants to video tape the ride, but not if we get wet.

Thank you for any help you can give!!
The MIB ride doesn't spin terribly so, a little less than a tilt-a-whirl.

The JP ride drop is pretty steep, but my 3 yo daughter survived it. She didn't want to go on again, but she survived. I was in the middle of the 3rd or 4th row and I didn't get too wet, but I would take a rain poncho or something to cover the video camera just in case.

You'll love US and IOA -- they're awesome!
The drop at the end of JP is no big deal. Just look straight ahead of you and it's lots of fun. It's no worse than Splash Mountain. MIB does have spinning in it but it's not extreme. You can video the JP ride until you see the big T-Rex. That means you are soon to do the drop and should cover up the camera just in case. We didn't get very wet but you really can't risk it since every boat is different depending on who is in it.

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Just got back and MIB was one of our group's favorite. We were 3 families, with 6,7,8 yo kids, 13,18, 19yo teens, totaling to 12 in our group. Spinning was not bad at all and the best part was sitting together (6 per car) and getting photos of our 2 groups in action. Also, scores are listed on the bottom for each person, so you can really brag about your sharpshooting. Our kids went on several times.

JP River Ride is steep but about the same as splash mountain. 2 young ladies rode with us and they avoided any water by totally ducking at the end. They didn't even appear in the photo that they take. Splash mountain lulls you into a relaxed mood with its music so the fall is part of the fun. JP builds up the anticipation with raptors on the loose so the fall is the final escape. :cool: ;) :cool:

I've ridden JP several times and everytime I've got wet. Sometimes just a bit but a couple of times completely soaked. We sat in the front each time. I think used to think it depended if your boat was full or not so I was quite pleased in Feb when it was just the 4 of us. But I got absolutely soaked.
MIB is excellent. We didn't spin too much really. The boys (aged 6 and 8) loved it.

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JP has the tallest drop of any flume ride, but it doesn't feel like it. I think because it's a gradual drop. I didn't think it felt that bad.

MIB, you'll spin around about 3-4 times total, just doing a 360º each time, nothing major. On the other hand, The Cat in the Hat spins like crazy, so your kids may want to avoid that one.
JPRA doesn't get you sopping wet, unless you sit in the front row.


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The JP ride at IoA is about the same height as Splash Mountain. It's not bad at all IMHO.

Most flume rides will get the people in front worse than the rest of the folks so try to sit in the middle. We sat in the middle of JP and only got a few drops (less than most other flume rides we've been on). For heaven's sake don't sit in the front seat of the 'Atlantis' ride at Seaworld/Orlando unless you are ready to get soaked from head to toe.

"THE" flume ride is JP/Universal Hollywood -, YIKES, it is probably twice the height of JP/Universal Orlando. It scared the 'foo' outta me. When it hit the water it made such a gigantic splash that everyone in the boat, no matter where they were sitting, got soaking wet from the waist up, period...

Have fun,
No, I'm pretty sure the IOA one is the tallest drop, but the boats are made differently so everyone doesn't get soaked.
When I rode MIB (first time) our car spun a bit and there seemed to be no control over it (different than Buzz Lightyear). It's a fun ride though.

I've been on JPRA a few times and gotten everything from a misting to a soaking. The last soaking occured while I was on the back left in the boat. Just be prepared.
When the Jurassic Park River Adventure opened at IOA it held the record of the tallest and steepest drop of any water-based attraction in the world.

(yes, it's a bigger and steeper drop than Hollywood - and the same exact drop as JPRA in Japan)

Currently, I believe, Knotts Berry Farm out in California holds both the above records.
MIB: To avoid being spun around by the other car shooting at you, I believe the best defense is a good offence! Once I realized why we were spinning so much, I made sure to keep the other car near us in a perpetual spin by shooting their light

I got soaked in the front row of the river ride. Not many others did.

USJ-85 feet
USH-84 feet
USIOA-that would be 85 feet at a 55 degree angle-

It's taller than Splash(60feet)-taller than USH-and taller than Ripsaw-Ripsaw is 75 feet.
Thanks for all your responses, everyone!! At least we'll be prepared for Jurassic Park and might even try MIB! Now...if we only thought we could "handle" Spiderman. I've heard it's an awesome ride, but quite a bit of that motion going on...
I get motion sick and MIB was no problem at all, Spiderman was more intense but I still didn't have a problem, FORGET Back to the Future, I had to look down at the dashboard the whole time and still felt nauseous! Don't go on it if you're prone to motion sickness!

JP river ride was my favorite and my two sons, 8 and 11 loved it. It is VERY steep. By the way, we hardly got wet!
You've got to ride Spiderman. I can get sick quite easily on any motion simulated ride but is I just close my eyes when it's too intense I am perfectly fine. Back to the Future gets me sick too but it is mostly the roughness. Again I just close my eyes or look in another direction if the simulation is causing me to feel sick. No big deal! That's the best thing about the simulators is that you can control getting sick simply by not watching for a few seconds.

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MIB is great!! I do not like to spin and I loved this ride! :) We did in MANY times!!

The River ride got us absolutely SOAKED and we were on the fourth row!!!! The seats were wet and my bottom slid forward on the seat ( I do not weigh alot) and my knees slammed into the seat in front of me!!!! OUCH!!!! I still have bruises!!!
A very fun ride but a very hard drop!!! Be prepared! Do this last so you can go home and change afterward!! :)


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