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    This is our first time flying to disney...Do you have to make a seperate reservation for ME? We added a nights stay at a disney resort before our cruise and will take the transer to the port and back to airport. We told the cruise cm we would be taking ME to the resort. We got our confirmation (updated cruise confirmation) with the transfer information. We have not received any tags for our luggage though. Do I need to call someone? We are flying SW this Friday..Thanks in advance.
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    We booked a pre-night stay at WDW ourselves. I was told by DCL that if they add the ME leg form MCO to WDW, they would have to charge, but if I contacted DME directly (1-866-599-0951) about 30 days before my trip, I could arrange ME transportation to WDW and get my luggage tags sent to me. If you can't get your tags in time for you to leave, ME can still collect your bags for you. You need to give them you claim tickets and a description of your bags.

    If you are using DCL transportation from WDW to the port, you should receive green luggage tags showing your stateroom number to put on your luggage for transport to the ship.
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    Don't worry if you don't get the luggage tags. Just go to the ME desk on the lower level of MCO. THey will take your claim check information and get your luggage to the resort for you.

    You should have luggage tags for WDW to PC in your documents. If not, go to the cruise desk in your resort and the CM can supply them for you. The luggage will be taken from your room in the resort to your cabin on the ship with these tags.
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    See you onboard! :)

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